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         Connick Harry Jr:     more books (56)
  1. Wild About Harry: The Illustrated Biography of Harry Connick Jr by Antonia Felix, 1995-09
  2. Harry Connick Jr Songbook
  3. Playboy February 1991 Gene Siskel & Roger Ebert Interview, Mark Alpert Fiction, 20 Questions - Lena Olin, David Lynch Profile (You Are Now Leaving Twin Peaks), Harry Connick Jr, Kevin Cook Fiction
  5. Harry Connick, Jr. Albums: Your Songs, Harry Connick, Jr. Discography, What a Night! a Christmas Album, Thou Shalt Not, Oh, My Nola
  6. Swing Pianists: Duke Ellington, Harry Connick, Jr., Fats Waller, Henry Mancini, Bix Beiderbecke, Count Basie, Art Tatum, Fletcher Henderson
  7. Irish-American Jews: Harry Connick, Jr.
  8. Harry Connick, Jr. Songs: List of Songs Recorded by Harry Connick, Jr.
  9. American Bandleaders: Ike Turner, Desi Arnaz, Harry Connick, Jr., Lawrence Welk, Paul Shaffer, Bill Haley, Henry Fillmore, Bob Wills
  10. Harry Connick, Jr. Video Albums: Only You (Harry Connick, Jr. Album), Harry for the Holidays, When My Heart Finds Christmas
  11. Jazz-Funk Albums: The Radiolarian Series, She (Harry Connick, Jr. Album), Zaebos: Book of Angels Volume 11, All Kooked Out!, Outre Mer
  12. Isidore Newman Alumni: Harry Connick, Jr., Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Walter Inglis Anderson, Michael Lewis, John Minor Wisdom, Mo Willems
  13. Jazz Musicians From New Orleans, Louisiana: Louis Armstrong, Joe "King" Oliver, Harry Connick, Jr., Original Dixieland Jass Band, Buddy Bolden
  14. American Crooners: Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Harry Connick, Jr., Fred Astaire, Bobby Darin, Paul Anka, Dean Martin

1. Connick Harry Jr Lyrics
© Your lyrics engine on the internet C Connick HarryJr Lyrics. This artist. fanpages. add lyrics. buy album. A Wink
Connick Harry Jr Lyrics
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2. Connick Harry Jr Fanpages
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Connick Harry Jr Fanpages
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3. MUSICA - SPOT - Connick Harry Jr - A Wink And A Smile - TESTO - TESTI - MUSICHE
connick harry jr A Wink And A Smile. I remember the days Of just keeping timeOf hanging around In sleepy towns forever. Back roads empty for miles.
Connick Harry Jr
A Wink And A Smile
I remember the days
Of just keeping time
Of hanging around
In sleepy towns forever.
Back roads empty for miles.
Well, you can't have a dream
And cut it to fit
But when I saw you, I knew
We'd go together Like a wink and a smile. Leave your old Jalopy By the railroad track We'll get a hip double dip Tip-toppy two-seat Pontiac So you can rev her up Don't go slow It's only green lights and alrights Let's go together With a wink and a smile Give me a wink and a smile We go together like a wink and a smile Now my heart is music Such a simple song Sing it again, the notes never end This is where I belong Just the sound in your voice The light in your eyes We're so far away from yesterday Together with a wink and a smile We go together like a wink and Home Page

4. Connick Harry Jr Lyrics
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5. Harry Connick Jr
Official Page from Columbia Records.Category Arts Celebrities C connick, harry, jr.......

6. The Official Harry Connick Jr. Fan Site
Fan page maintained by Chris Eng. Includes discography, polls, news, stories of fan encounters, reviews, and FAQ.

7. Welcome To
Official site offers a biography, discography, filmography, timeline, FAQ, news, articles, and discussion.Category Arts Celebrities C connick, harry, jr.......Welcome to This page shouldforward automatically, but if not,. click here.
Welcome to This page should forward automatically, but if not, click here.

8. Harry Connick Jr.
Several articles from the Canadian Online Explorer (canoe).Category Arts Celebrities C connick, harry, jr....... Sunday July 4, 1999. 20 Questions with harry connick jr. By MIKE ROSS EdmontonSun Tuesday, November 17, 1998. harry connick jr. dragged to prison. ANGOLA, La.
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Wild about acting
By JANE STEVENSON Toronto Sun TORONTO - Crooner and actor Harry Connick Jr. has played a tailgunner in Memphis Belle, a college student in Little Man Tate, a serial killer in Copycat, a jet fighter pilot in Independence Day, and a love interest in Hope Floats, among other supporting roles. But he's never carried a movie before.

9. Six Degrees Of Harry Connick Jr.
A twist on the Kevin Bacon game.
Six Degrees of Harry Connick Jr. Okay, I know what you're thinking..."Six Degrees of Harry Connick Jr...I thought it was Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon!" Well, I know I don't get points for originality and all, but I think this game needed a new twist to it!! SO, I challenge America to stump me!!! My sister failed, will you? Some way, some how, I can link my dear Harry, to almost, any movie star in six or less moves!
Some Examples:
Mike MyersMike Myers was in Austin Powers with Elizabeth Hurley, who was in Passenger 57 with Wesley Snipes, who was in Demolition Man with Sandra Bullock, who is going to be in a movie with Harry called Hope Floats!
Tom CruiseTom Cruise was in Top Gun with Meg Ryan, who was in When Harry Met Sally, in which Harry performed on the soundtrack.
So, if you think you can stump me or you simply want to play yourself, just email me at the address below. I will give replies and post them as soon as possible. >Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 15:03:19 -0400 (EDT)
>From: >Can you connect him to John Candy? Or John Wayne? Isn't Harry wonderfull! > Why isn't he a SUPERSTAR yet?

10. Harry Connick Jr
Official page from Sony Music.

11. - Harry Connick Jr.
Pictures, biography, ratings and links on the accomplished artist.

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Top 99 Women
NEW Top 200 Albums Joke of the Day Site of the Day Men's Horoscopes MEMBERS Message Boards Newsletter Sign-Up Free Contests Player's Guide OTHER INFO About us Advertise Editor/Letters F.A.Q. ... Sites To Visit var zflag_nid="162"; var zflag_cid="198/1"; var zflag_sid="170"; var zflag_width="1"; var zflag_height="1"; var zflag_sz="15"; Man of the Week Specials Harry Connick Jr. why we like him? He plays jazz music with a new flair, and his music is more than the standard trumpet and saxophone combination. He was able to turn a relative niche segment of music and expose it to the masses. Plus, he married a Victoria's Secret model, a badge of honor to us. why is he famous? Other than being the heir apparent to Frank Sinatra (okay, no one can match Old Blue Eyes, but Harry is by far the best of today's crop of crooners). A budding acting career in which he shows that he can be flexible and be smooth as silk or creepy as hell. overall rating Harry Connick Jr. is one of those guys you'd love to hate, but can't. The guy has this annoying swagger that can be misunderstood for cockiness, but when you get to know him, you realize that he is a genuine guy's guy. There is a reason why he has been dubbed "The Big Easy".

12. IMusic Contemporary Showcase - Harry Connick, Jr. On The ARTISTdirect Network
Includes photographs, audio clips, biography, album information, and bulletin board.





Local Scenes
ClassifiedsFeatures ShowcasesSoundtracksHarry Connick, Jr. ANYONE following the brilliant career of Harry Connick, Jr. knows there are many musical sides to his personality: Big Band, New Orleans funk, classic American standards, straight ahead jazz, and devilishly clever original songs all comprise the colors of Harry's palette. Now, he brings it all together on Come By Me, Harry's latest Columbia release. A seamless collection of standards and originals, the new album shows why Harry Connick, Jr. easily takes his place alongside the best of composers and performers. Teaming as usual with producer Tracey Freeman, Harry reunited his 16-piece Big Band and brought in a full symphony orchestra to punctuate his own spectacular orchestrations and arrangements. Recorded at L.A.'s Capitol Studios last July, Come By Me is the work of a mature artist having come fully into his own voice. The album kicks off with a pair of Connick originals, the sleek "Nowhere With Love" and "Come By Me," a rollicking New Orleans stomper. The Henry Mancini classic "Charade" is given a double-time rendition by Harry, the Big Band and strings, while on Irving Berlin's "Change Partners," Harry experiments with lush orchestration, including parts for English horn, bassoon and French horn. Harry's own "Easy For You To Say" is a sly ballad, so self-assured it could be mistaken for a Gershwin or Arlen classic. "I'm still learning," says Harry, "so a lot of my work will be based on the great songwriters of the past. They've really had an effect on me."
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13. Welcome To
Official site offers a biography, discography, filmography, timeline, FAQ, news, articles, and discussion.
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14. The Harry Connick Jr. Fan Site
Sony's harry connick jr. Page Columbia Records' official harry site. Sve'sharry connick jr. Page Created by a fan in Iceland! Lots of articles.
Notable Sites
Official site operated by Harry's management team and fan club.
Sony's Harry Connick Jr. Page
Columbia Records' official Harry site.
Sve's Harry Connick Jr. Page
Created by a fan in Iceland! Lots of articles.
Tanner Morrow's Harry Connick Jr. Site
Brand new site. Content is still growing, but looks great so far!
Anh Vu's Harry Connick Jr. Page
News, articles, and Six Degrees of Harry Connick Jr.
Dan Tanner's Homepage (Harry's cousin)
Get the family perspective here.
Harry Connick Jr. Webring
Webring with a lot more Harry sites.
Discussion Forums
Harry Connick Jr. Forum
NEW! Finally, has its own message board!
Harry Connick Jr. Bulletin Board
Converse with other fans by posting messages.
Harry Connick Jr. Newsgroup
Use to browse
Usenet Search for Harry-related Newsgroup Postings
Search ALL newsgroups for any mention of Harry.
Kristin's Harry Connick Jr. Club
Message board and chat on Yahoo.
Harry Connick Jr. Fan Lounge

15. Hope Floats
Starring harry connick, jr and Sandra Bullock.
hope floats, garth brooks, Bryan Adams, Sheryl Crow, The Rolling Stones, Lyle Lovett, Deana Carter, Trisha Yearwood, Whiskeytown, Mavericks, country, music, soundtrack, digital postcards, postcards, Quantum Leap

16. Harry Connick Jr.
HomeIcon2All In The Family On August 4, 2001 harry took part in a very specialconcert that paid tribute to one of his childhood teachers Ellis Marsalis.
Basic-ally Thrilling
On March 28, Columbia Pictures presents Basic as it opens in theaters nationwide. This thrilling drama revolves around the disappearance of a legendary Army Ranger Drill Sergeant and several of his cadets who have gone missing during a training exercise gone severely awry. The stellar cast includes John Travolta, Connie Nielsen and Samuel L. Jackson as well as Harry in the role of Pete Vilmer.
Kid At Play
Nick News recently caught up with Harry to chat with him about his career and how he got his start in music as a kid. This short profile piece will cover Harry's early career right up to the present, and will air on Sunday, April 6 at 8:30pm EST on Nickelodeon.
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17. AOL Time Warner
AOL/TimeWarner A host of acclaimed actors and recording artists, including harry connick, jr. and Jennifer Aniston, have joined the cast of Warner Bros. Feature Animation's upcoming project, The Iron Giant.

18. Connick, Harry, Jr.
harry connick, jr. OSCAR • GLOBE • SATELLITE • GUILD • FENNECUS• APEX. No Nominations. harry connick, jr. OSCAR • GLOBE
Harry Connick, Jr.
Harry Connick, Jr.
Harry Connick, Jr.
Harry Connick, Jr.
Harry Connick, Jr.
GLOBE SATELLITE GUILD ... APEX Song Performance - In Studio

The Godfather Part III
"Promise Me You'll Remember" 1990 Harry Connick, Jr. OSCAR GLOBE SATELLITE GUILD ... APEX No Nominations

19. Chateau Ste Michelle Home Page
One of the Pacific Northwest's most popular destinations, with more than 250,000 guests each year. The summer concert series has included appearances by Bill Cosby, Natalie Cole, and harry connick jr.

20. - Connick,Harry Jr.: Soundtr.'When Harry Met Sally'
Translate this page - Die offizielle Musikdatenbank - offizielle Künstlernews fürconnick,harry jr.. weiterführende Informationen zu connick,harry jr. hier,,Harry Jr./Soundtr.%27When Harry Met S
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News Downloads Topnews Events Themen ... Tickets Charts Single Longplay Compilation Dance ... Klassik Service Snippets Suchboxen Newsletter Gimmicks Releases wunsch cd Neuerscheinungen Intern Netzwerk Partner Impressum Musikfirmen ... Connick,Harry Jr.: Soundtr.'When Harry Met Sally' CD / 29.08.89 / Sony Music Entertainment GmbH Bestellnummer: 5099746575328 Traditional / Swing ( Jazz Diesen Artikel kaufen bei: Track-Titel Dauer It Had To Be You Our Love Is Here To Stay Stompin' At The Savoy But Nor For Me Winter Wonderland Don't Get Around Much Anymore Autumn In New York I Could Write A Book Let's Call The Whole Thing Off It Had To Be You (Instrumental Trio) Where Or When Produkt-Liste (12) Songs I Heard Connick,Harry Jr. CD Connick,Harry Jr. CD H.Connick/We Are In Connick,Harry Jr. CD Come By Me Connick,Harry Jr. CD Star Turtle Connick,Harry Jr.

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