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         Mr T:     more books (100)
  1. Mr. Lincoln's T-Mails: How Abraham Lincoln Used the Telegraph to Win the Civil War by Tom Wheeler, 2008-02-01
  2. Mr. T's Be Somebody: Or Be Somebody's Fool by Mr. T, Peter Elbling, 1984-12
  3. Chuck Norris Vs. Mr. T: 400 Facts About the Baddest Dudes in the History of Ever by Ian Spector, 2008-11-25
  4. Mr. T: The Man With the Gold : An Autobiography of Mr. T by Mr. T, 1985-04
  5. The Best Bike Ever (Mr. T and Me Series) by Charlotte Towner Graeber, 1985-05
  6. Why Mr. Right Can't Find You: The Surprising Answers that will Change your Life...and His by J. M. Kearns, 2008-01-08
  7. Mr. T: Limited Advance Edition Graphic Novel by Christopher Bunting, 2008-02-08
  8. Models for Christian Higher Education: Strategies for Survival and Success in the Twenty-First Century
  9. MR. T: Graphic Novel (2008, TPB) by Christopher Bunting, 2009
  10. The Goat Bridge: A Novel (Sweetwater Fiction: Originals) by Mr. T.M. McNally, 2007-02-22
  11. Mr. T. W. Anthony by Marie Hall Ets, 1951-03-26
  12. My Mr. t Doll (Graeber, Charlotte Towner. Mr T and Me.) by Charlotte Towner Graeber, 1985-09
  13. The Hand Me Down Cap (Mr. T and Me Series) by Charlotte Towner Graeber, 1985-05
  14. Phony Baloney the Counterfeit Kid: The Counterfeit Kid (Mr. T and Me Series) by Charlotte Towner Graeber, 1985-05

1. The T'inator
Feedback inspires Mr.T and keeps me going. You got that right, crazy man. Don'tbe shy, email early and often. What you doin'?!? mr t pities this darn fool.

2. Mr. T's Teaching & Travel Page
The site includes a travel section on England, Ireland, Caribbean, California and Spain and links Category Reference Education K through 12 Personal and Class Pages...... Waterford, Ireland. View Mr. T's New Gallery of Our Return to Ireland, April 2002 .Ardmore. mr t's Web Page is now listed on Educating. Net! Search with Google.
Click here for more......
"Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living."
-Miriam Beard
If you like digital photography and flowers, click here to view Mr. T's new web page of digital flowers.
Cool Destination of the Month
The Aquaduct at Segovia, Spain
View Mr. T's New Gallery of "Our Return to Ireland, April 2002"
Barryscourt Castle ... Click here to convert currency.
Photo Galleries:
Travel Destinations:
Iceland ...
St.Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork City, Ireland
Previous Destinations of the Month:
Cork City, Ireland:St. Finbarr's Cathedral
Leeds Castle, England
Parador de Los Reyes Catolicos, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Roman Aquaduct, Segovia, Spain ...
London, England (complete with live web cams)
The Rock of Cashel, Cashel Ireland, County Tipperary

3. Mr.T Alive!
Features some up to date videos encoded in Divx, images, sound files, and a Mr.T Alive! Vs. Series Category Arts Celebrities M Mr. T...... I pity the fool! , Shurrup fool! and Shurrup Murdoch! till there hearts contentknowing that they have had timeless inspiration of mr t's compassion and
Use Navigation below:
For those with-out the correct media viewers, these are links to Quicktime Realaudio Media player Winamp MP3 player Poll returns soon! Click above to vote for Mr.T Alive! Introduction Most of the youth who come here, will have had some kind of idea passed onto them of who and what Mr. T was, whether they've been told he was the man who beat the lights out of Rocky Balboa (then lost in the end), gave Adrian an offer she could'nt refuse or was the guy who could make a tank out of a nut and bolt that fired water melons quicker than Hanninbal could say "I love it when a plan comes together". He will always been known either as Mr. T or B.A Barakcus by generation who stood behind him in his time uttering the phrases "I pity the fool!", "Shurrup fool!" and "Shurrup Murdoch!" till there hearts content knowing that they have had timeless inspiration of Mr T's compassion and confidence. So here at Mr.T Alive! are trying our best to bring back the 'T' we knew and is today. Full range of media and links from around the world will assist us to shows us why Mr. T is still a one of the best entertainers around.

4. Lookout Records - The Mr. T Experience
and expanded. In 1986, as they inadvertently helped create the poppunksound, the mr t. Experience was just making music. And that

5. Mr T Vs Harry Potter
An exclusive report by the Daily Prophet, reflecting an encounter between Harry Potter and mr t which Category Arts Literature Harry Potter Series Fan Fiction...... Yes that's right, it's mr t vs Harry Potter! To my friends who like Harry.Support your champion, mr t, in his fight against lymphoma.
Free Web site hosting -
***This site was viewed since 19th September 2001, weeks before the first HP film*** Yes that's right, it's Mr T vs Harry Potter! To my friends who like Harry. Support your champion, Mr T, in his fight against lymphoma. Place this ribbon on your homepage and encourage others to do the same. That cancer may be tough, but it's not as tough as Mr T!
Support freedom and democracy
This site is intended for Entertainment and Humour purposes only. Not meant to offend anyone, certainly not Harry Potter Fanatics, Extreme Anti Harry Potters, Potterites and/or Voldermort Supporters (what is all that extreme fuss about?). May not be suitable for children under 13 or elders above 70, either. 'Mr T vs Harry Potter' is not associated with any third party (saved for my own sense of imagination and fun). So either have a laugh at the comics inside or please drift away to another site . This site nor its pictures are not to be reproduced without my permission. Top

6. Ali G Takes On Mr T...BO!
Fictional encounter with mr t, with pictures.Category Regional Europe Programmes Comedy Ali G Show, The......ITS mr t vs ALI G. If your looking for some damn good T resourceswith no jibba jabba, then go straight to the mr t resource site.
PLEASE SUPPORT MY SPONSORS! ITS... MR T vs ALI G Whats T gonna do when Channel 4's Voice of Yoof starts talking JIBBA JABBA?!? SUCKA'S SINCE 21-11-99 FIRST PAGE CHAT LINKS SOMEWHERE ELSE ... VOTE FOR THIS SITE IN THE TOP 100 ALI G SITES THIS SITE NOT GOOD ENOUGH? TRY THESE: Mr T vs Red Dwarf Mr T vs Saved by the Bell Mr T vs The Blair Witch Project If your looking for some damn good T resources with no jibba jabba, then go straight to the Mr T resource site. Check out more Mr T sites at
This Mr. T Webring site owned by (The Flying Turnip) Previous 5 Sites Skip Previous Previous ... List Sites

7. Mr T Vs Ali G Part 1: The Beginning!
mr t vs Ali G. One day, after a heavy session at the local youth centre T'shappiness seems shortlived Uh oh! T's ANGRY!! T cant stand much more!
Mr T vs Ali G One day, after a heavy session at the local youth centre... T's happiness seems shortlived... Uh oh! T's ANGRY!! T cant stand much more! What will happen? See the next page for the next thrilling part!

mr t'S BOWL. mr t's is Live again click here, become a member. You can Rock, you can Roll but you can't Bowl at mr t's Bowl.
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated Home The T zone Pixs LAUNCHPAD EAST The Gutter Links MR T'S BOWL Mr T's is Live again click here, become a member
First Day Of Spring SHow!
This show is put on by SKie Bender and Susan West THis is a Wild Debauchery - Not To Be Missed!
20 MIn. sets
PHysical Education Film Footage
on Knowing YOur Body!
Bands :
THe Fire ANts
Sparkle Jets UK
BReech THird Grade Teacher The Twigs Squeak Toy Star Crasher Spider Suit Fire Bug Spooky PIe Sat Mar 29th Seven Entertinment presents EZTLINAHUA NETWORK EQUINON GROUNDSKEEPER WILLY Watch and Chat Live Webcast of Mr T's at Everynight 9pm - 2am PST Cool Joe T Mr T's Bowl
5621 1/2 FIGUEROA ST in Highland Park 9:pm Free Every Thurs Krazy Karaoke Night 7pm a love affair at Mr T's. Hotline and booking # : Bar info : 323-256-7561 Directions Take CA-110 to PASADENA. Take the AVE 52 exit. Turn LEFT onto S AVENUE 52 Turn RIGHT onto N FIGUEROA ST Turn Left onto AVENUE 57 Turn Left into in back parking Area enter in backdoor.

9. Mr. T Vs. Mr. Clean @ WWWF Grudge Match
Mr. T. vs. Mr. Clean. Face it, before Mr. Clean can even yell for mommy, mr t. andall his fans will be all over the poor guy. Time to mop up with Mr. Clean
World Wide Web Fights presents
The Setting
This match brings us to a seedy, dank, smoke filled bar in a bad section of New Orleans. Seated side-by-side at the bar are Mr. T and Mr. Clean. Both have been drinking steadily for several hours. It's summer in New Orleans, and the steamy heat is shortening everyone's temper, including our two contestants. Although they are aware of each other's presence, they have been ignoring each other and drowning their own personal anguishes in whiskey. Mr. T is (still) upset about the cancellation of the A-Team as well as losing to Rocky. Mr. Clean just got word that he will lose his job because those damn scrubbing-bubbles will work for less money. Tempers are running shortneither contestant has anything left to lose. While reaching for his next drink, Mr. T accidentally spills it all over Mr. Clean. Mr. Clean jumps to his feet in anger! Mr. T, who is already primed for a fight, jumps to his feet as well. The rage glints in both of their eyesit is clear that only one will walk out of the bar in one piece. Brian, who do you like in this traditional bar-room brawl? [We realize this is a truly bizarre match. However, we both liked it, so that's all that really matters.]

10. Mr. T Vs Metal Bands
Mr. T vs. AC/DC mr t. chases AC/DC out of town. Mr. T vs. mr t. vs Marilyn MansonManson kidnaps S club 7, you know what happens when T finds out.
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Mr. T vs. Metal Bands
Guide picks Metal bands (and wannabe Metal bands) haven't escaped the onslaught of Mr. T sites.
Mr. T vs. AC/DC
Mr T. chases AC/DC out of town. Mr. T vs. Anthrax New A cool twist in this one and it's one of my favorite Mr. T adventures. Mr. T vs. Gwar Mr. T vs The Scumdogs of the Universe. Can earth withstand such a battle. Mr. T vs Kiss Mr. T's toughest challenge yet. Mr. T vs Korn Will Johnathan Davis cry for us? Mr T. vs Marilyn Manson Manson kidnaps S club 7, you know what happens when T finds out. Mr. T vs Metallica Featuring President Ventura and the real Metallica. Mr. T vs Vince Neil Vince screws around with Mr. T's milk. Mr. T vs Sargent D. and the Stormtroopers of Death

11. Mr T's KISS Site
Don't forget to check out Peter's site for some great news Importantnotice Don't take anything from this site without permission.
BOOKMARK THIS PAGE - THE BEST IS YET TO COME ! March 28. 2003 - A new KISS site has been made ! Don't pass this one up ! Click here March 27. 2003 - Nobody's perfect......or ?....some are extremely close : Sexy twins March 26. 2003 - The "Girls of the week" feature has been changed. Jesus Christ !
Who needs "Ladies in waiting" and "Girls of Kiss" ENJOY ! March 24. 2003 - My favorite feature on the internet is without a doubt "Paul speaks"
Click on the banner below for a great read. Be back soon for some great updates. Peace and love. March 23. 2003 - The "Article of the week" section has been changed. Icon is on the right March 22. 2003 - Wanna read a great interview with Gene Simmons ?
Of course you do. To enjoy yourself for a few minutes : Click here March 20. 2003 - Kiss performed in Las Vegas recently. To read about it : Click here March 17. 2003

12. Top 25 Mr. T Sites!
9, mr t vs Tony Blair mr t takes on British PM Tony Blair, 0, 1. 12, mr t vs ChibiMoon A Comic Adventure In Which mr t Takes On Helluva Annoying Renie, 0, 186.
Rank Votes/Day Total Votes Top 25 Mr. T Sites! is owned by:
the foolfiles

Biography : Statistics : Pictures : The A-Team Mr. T vs. Metal Gear Solid
Mr. T vs. the covert ops. group Fox-Hound. Mr. T vs Jonny Bravo, Audio Style!
In MP3 and wav format! Mr.T vs. Pokemon
Mr.T takes on the most insidiously cute Pokemon of them all, Pikachu! The Mr. T vs. Spiceworld Trilogy
Mr. T's biggest adventure yet! The Spice Girls are threatening Planet Earth again, and it's up to the Mohawked One to stop them. Along the way he joins forces with the unlikeliest of allies, including the cast of the Drew Carey Show, Amanda Bynes, and The Rock. Guaranteed that you can't read it all in one sitting. Mr. T vs. Da PiMPs
Mr. T tosses pimps and gets down with hos. Mr. T Vs. An In-Depth Analysis
An analysis of all the Mr. T Vs. sites Mr. T vs. Hitler
T kicks Hitler's face...and there's a beauty link to my crappy Mr. T vs. Beavis and Butthead (audio style) Mr T vs Tony Blair
Mr T takes on British PM Tony Blair Mr. T vs. Ted Turner Mr. T beats up on that sucka Ted Mr.T vs. Ghandi

13. Mr T Vs Scooby Doo domain names, personal emails, url forwarding. mr t vs Scooby t takes out Scooby's gang for stealing gold. Click here to continue. : domain names, personal emails, url forwarding
Mr T vs Scooby Doo
Mr T takes out Scooby's gang for stealing gold.
Click here to continue

14. Ask Mr T
miscellany. ASK mr t. Do you have a problem? Can noone else help? Ask mr t, fool! Webmasters- Link To mr t. Find Code Here. Search this site powered by FreeFind.
@import "/styles/style.css";
because 'astonishing' sounds so much better than 'unpublishable' thoughts


dawson tarot
ask dr dan
ASK MR T Do you have a problem? Can no-one else help? Ask Mr T, fool! What's up, fool? Mr T says:
When you've finished talking...
Other Help
  • If Mr T can't help you (as unlikely as that might seem) , maybe you should Ask Dr Dan
  • Or if you're really desperate , you can call on the Dawson's Creek Tarot and see if that helps. Remember, the weenies of Dawson's Creek have to be good for something.
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  • 1.3 Come On Baby, Light My Fire (93%) 1.6 Sinead Kills A Blind Old Woman (91%) 1.1 Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? (90%) 1.10 Sinead Decrees 'Drive Safely' And It Is So (88%) ... dawson files This site is hosted by React!on - web hosting, web design, web slinging. If it's got 'web' in it, then they can help. Note: If this web site looks rather dull and bland then it may be that you simply have a more finely honed sense of aesthetics than I do. This is always possible. However, given that you can read this message, it is more likely that you simply are using a browser that doesn't support web standards. If you would like to get one that does , then things may look rather better. Feel free to upgrade your browser. Heck, feel free to upgrade your computer! Live a little.
  • 15. Mr T's Internet Home Page (unofficial) - Main
    Contact Mr. T by posting up your letters on this website and hopefully mr t will read them and reply .Category Arts Celebrities M Mr. T...... Welcome Welcome to mr t's (unnoficial) Internet Home Page. mr t's fightagainst Cancer I'm sorry to announce that mr t has cancer.
    Free Web space and hosting -
    Main Page
    About Mr T Pictures of Mr T ... Information on the A-Team Movie Welcome
    Welcome to Mr T's (unnoficial) Internet Home Page. This website was made as a tribute to my hero (and many other people's heros) Mr T. Actor, Bodyguard, Wrestler, etc. You will find information pictures links , etc. Also, I hope to be able to publish your questions and letters to Mr T on this website, so that he can come on and read what his fans have to say.
    Mr T's fight against Cancer
    I'm sorry to announce that Mr T has cancer . I have a page dedicated to any news on Mr T's fight against cancer . Please e-mail me so that I can post your messages to Mr T and his family in this hard time. Mr T, we wish you all the best.
    Latest News : July 15th 2001
    Can you remember Mr T as BA Baracus in the A-Team? Can you remember when they stopped making shows of the A-Team? Do you yearn to see the A-Team in action once again? Well, if the rumours are true, then wait no longer! Universal have announced (apparently), that an A-Team movie is set to be made! Yes, the A-Team are back! Unfortunately, the original characters will not be playing the top roles for many reasons (R.I.P. George Peppard). However, they will be getting cameo roles as storekeepers, etc. Check out my A-Team film page for the latest movie knews.

    16. Mr T. Versus The WORLD!
    mr t. versus the Titanic mr t. versus the Cybermen mr t versus Mahir Cagri mr t.versus the Pope mr t. versus Resident Evil mr t. versus The Phantom Menace mr t
    Welcome to
    where the toughest man in the world takes on all comers!
    Mr T. versus the Titanic
    Mr T. versus the Cybermen
    Mr T versus Mahir Cagri
    Mr T. versus the Pope
    Mr T. versus Resident Evil
    Mr T. versus The Phantom Menace
    Mr T. versus C-3P0
    Mr T. versus Star Blazers
    Wait! Dont run! Take a look at my other pages I pity the Fool who don't sign my Guestbook Hey sucka! Read my guestbook! This Mr. T web ring site owned by Tony Case Previous Next Next 5 ... List Sites Hey foo'! Visit other web rings the page belongs to! Mr T vs the Titanic first created: Friday, February 20th, 1998 AD. Mr T vs the Cybermen first created: Friday, June 19, 1998 AD. Mr T vs the Pope first created: Tuesday, June 24, 1998 AD. Mr T vs Resident Evil first created: Friday, October 16, 1998 AD. Mr T vs The Phantom Menace first created: Monday, June 28, 1999 AD. Mr T vs C-3P0 first created: Friday, Tuesday, June 29, 1999 AD. Created by: Anthony J. Case Everything on this page that isnt the A-Team, Mr T, Titanic, or Doctor Who (C) 1998 Psychotoaster Productions. Not much left, is there? :)

    17. The Mighty Forum Of Mr. T
    6, 2/19/03 44828 am by KING O HAM, Marth007. Favorite mr t VS? 6, 2/18/03 24644am by dirty harry, rikishijed. Huh? mr t vs Yoda, 0, 5/3/02 71847 am, Smoothfox.
    "); else document.write(""); // >
    > The Mighty Forum of Mr. T
    Invite Friends! Login Register Your Free Account Search Help ... Need help logging in?
    Topic Replies Last Comment Started By Mr.T Fan Club 2/24/03 3:36:20 pm
    by: Pat Huztinn MrTmadness Mr. T vs. Urkel 2/22/03 9:43:06 am Iwannamrtvs... 2/19/03 4:48:28 am
    by: KING O HAM Favorite MR T VS? 2/18/03 2:46:44 am
    by: dirty harry rikishijed Huh? 7/29/02 5:56:16 pm Mr. T. vs. Sonic the Hedgehog/Mr. T. vs. Paper Mario 7/20/02 4:33:14 pm
    by: Marth007 Mr T vs Yoda 5/3/02 7:18:47 am Smoothfox Mr. T vs Krang 5/3/02 7:17:11 am
    by: Smoothfox themightyfistofmrt new mr t? 3/11/02 6:22:41 pm Rockin Mulletz Hey T fan 1/12/02 11:24:18 am
    by: themightyfistofmrt Rockin Mulletz cool.... 1/12/02 11:15:41 am
    by: themightyfistofmrt SpankyBejesus I are teh webmaster!!!! 11/6/01 8:31:16 pm themightyfistofmrt
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    18. Mr.T Vs Everything
    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Generic mr.T vs Site ) mr.T vs A really Big Tree mr.T vs
    Quick Links
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    (send comments here)
    Here's a list of the I have come across currently. I don't vouch for the quality, but the links work (usually). NOTE : Since T is helluva tough, he ALWAYS wins. Any violations will not be posted, but exceptions can be made for good reason. There are ratings of most of these pages available here A B C ... Mr.T vs AC/DC 2 sequel to above site (trailer) Mr.T vs AC/DC (again) Mr.T vs Christina Aguilera Mr. T vs Airwolf Mr.T vs Airwolf (again) Mr.T vs Ali G Mr.T vs Aliens vs Predator Mr.T vs Anime Mr.T vs Anthrax ... Mr.T vs Josh Ashworth Lead Singer of Society's Finest Mr.T vs Back to the Future Mr.T vs the Backstreet Boys Mr.T vs Bob Barker Mr.T vs Barrett from FF7 Mr.T vs Mr.T vs Mr. Bean Mr.T vs the Bears Audio Style Mr.T vs Ben Folds Five Mr.T vs Beverly Hills Cop 3 Mr.T vs Bill Gates (again) Mr.T vs Bizarro T Mr.T vs Tony Blair Mr.T vs Tony Blair (again) Mr.T vs Boba Fett Mr.T vs James Bond Mr.T vs John Wilkes Booth Mr.T vs Boy Meets World ... Mr.T vs Johnny Bravo (audio style) Mr.T vs Bret Hart

    19. Mtvsbttf
    mr t vs. It's September the 11th 1985. Want to Join the Back to the FutureWebring? This Mr. T Webring site owned by Anthony Gascoigne.
    alert("I pity the fool who don't sign my guestbook!Ā "); Mr T vs It's September the 11th 1985. This epic adventure begins with Marty Mcfly. After witnessing the murder of Doctor Emmet Brown, he is now being chased by some crazy armed terrorist fools, in revenge for the theft of their plutonium. While in hot pursuit, Marty realises there is only one way to escape! Marty sets the time co-ordinates in the Delorian WILL MARTY ESCAPE? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT!
    This Back to the Future Webring site owned by
    Anthony Gascoigne

    Previous 5 Sites
    Skip Previous Previous ... List Sites Want to Join the Back to the Future Webring?
    This Mr. T Webring site owned by Anthony Gascoigne
    Previous 5 Sites
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    20. The T'inator
    Enter the URL of your favorite page and press enter to receive mr. T's pity.
    Welcome, Fool!
    Think your webpage is tough?
    No page is tougher than Mr. T, sucka!
    Enough jibba jabba. Enter the URL of your favorite page and press enter to receive Mr. T's pity. Pages with lots of text work best fool! Pity the following URL:
    Over 1,000,000 pages pitied so far! The T'inator also recommends pitying the following websites: (The links above will automatically be pitied by the T'inator.)
    Tips and tricks
    • The more text a page contains, the better the jibba jabba. T. tries his best to T'inate all links on a page, try following them! URLs may be entered with or without a preceeding "http://" Jan 2000 - Frames now supported!
    The T'inator is for entertainment purposes only!
    (Not to be taken internally)
    The T'inator works by putting itself inbetween your browser and the web page you are viewing. Humorous Mr. T and A-Team related text sounds and images are inserted into each page you view. This process is 100% dynamic, no web content is ever stored on a server. There are many other sites that similarly filter web content. You will find a list of humorous sites

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