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         Sevigny Chloe:     more books (32)
  1. Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony by Dan Colen, Rita Ackerman, et all 2008-07-01
  2. Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony: Reds
  3. Dear Diary by Lesley Arfin, 2008-08-07
  4. Chloë Sevigny
  5. People From Darien, Connecticut: Leslie Groves, Chloë Sevigny, Chris Shays, Kate Bosworth, Margaret Bourke-White, Topher Grace, Ryan Shannon
  6. New Cultural Icons Magazine July 2002: Chloe Sevigny
  7. New York City Nightlife: Rupaul, Johnny Mercer, Cafe Au Go Go, Radio City Music Hall, Chloë Sevigny, Studio 54, Ball Culture, Junior Vasquez
  8. Naissance à Springfield (Massachusetts): Timothy Leary, Kurt Russell, Chloë Sevigny, Donald Davidson, Mike Gravel, Linda Perry, Paul Leder (French Edition)
  9. Allure Magazine - May 2006: Meg Ryan, Nudes of Jaime Pressly, Chloe Sevigny, Jenna Elfman, & Others!
  10. OK Weekly Magazine Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey June 12, 2006 Issue (Lindsay Lohan, Michelle Rodriguez, Chloe Sevigny) by OK Weekly, 2006
  11. Bazaar May 2001 (CHLOE SEVIGNY)
  12. Paper: Chloe Sevigny [September 2006] (Paper Magazine) by Chloe Sevigny, 2006

1. :::::::::: SEVIGNY Chloe ::::: OuvreBoites | Cinema - Films - Acteurs - Realisat
Translate this page sevigny chloe. Texte à venir, FILMOGRAPHIE. -Boys don\'t cry (2000) - American psycho (1999).

2. Bomis Search Results: Chloe Sevigny
Video has been our only business since 1981 4. Sevigny, Chloe IMDb Filmography. Chloe sevigny chloe Sevigny moved to Brooklyn at age 18. Sevigny

3. Sevigny Chloe
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4. - Sevigny Chloe, NYC, 2002
close window. sevigny chloe, NYC, 2002.

5. Celebrity Storm :- Chloe Sevigny
Chloe Sevigny photo gallery, filmography, biography, trivia and quotes and much moreat, including high quality wall posters for sale.
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Chloe Sevigny Information Page
The beautiful Chloe Sevigny was born 18 November 1974, in Springfield, Massachusetts USA . Her Father was an accountant who changed to an interior painter. She moved to Brooklyn, NY at age 18. Her break-through came in Kids (1995). She has since gone on to star in movies such...... read more Read about movies or TV series Chloe Sevigny has featured in.
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6. Chloe Sevigny Pictures, Image Gallery, Wallpapers, Screen Savers, Desktop Themes
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  • 7. Chloe Sevigny
    Chloe Sevigny Age 28. Born November 18, 1974 Darien, Connecticut.Did You Know? Chloe once worked as an intern for Sassy magazine.
    VideoETA Search By Month News ... Mailing List Friday, Mar 28 Chloe Sevigny Age: Born: November 18, 1974
    Darien, Connecticut
    Did You Know?
    • Chloe once worked as an intern for Sassy magazine.
    Actor Credits
  • Demonlover
  • American Psycho
  • A Map Of The World
  • If These Walls Could Talk 2 ... Darkwolf
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  • 8. Used Tissues -- Chloe Sevigny
    Chloe Sevigny One man's confused fascination with often nude indie iconChloe Sevigny, with filmography and picture gallery. CHLOE SEVIGNY.
    A repository for disposable celebrities CHLOE SEVIGNY PHOTOS


    ... INDEX
    Palmetto ), but whom I'm always happy to see in new films on account of being a fan of the movie Kids. FILMOGRAPHY titles in red feature Chloe nude
    • Dogville (2003) .... Liz Henson The Assumption Demonlover (2002) .... Elise American Psycho (2000) .... Jean If These Walls Could Talk 2 A Map of the World (1999) .... Carole Mackessy Julien Donkey-Boy (1999) .... Pearl Boys Don't Cry (1999) .... Lana Tisdel The Last Days of Disco (1998) .... Alice Kinnon Palmetto (1998) .... Odette Gummo (1997) .... Dot Trees Lounge (1996) .... Debbie Kids (1995) .... Jennie

    9. Chloe Sevigny
    Chloe Sevigny. Movies, Vidcaps, Scans. Boys Don't Cry (3 MPEGs) Feb. 18, 2002 Kids(1 MPEG) Feb. 18, 2002. Gummo (2 MPEGs) Feb. 18, 2002. Palmetto (1 MPEG) Feb.
    Chloe Sevigny Movies Vidcaps Scans Boys Don't Cry (3 MPEGs) Feb. 18, 2002 Kids (1 MPEG) Feb. 18, 2002 Gummo (2 MPEGs) Feb. 18, 2002 Palmetto (1 MPEG) Feb. 18, 2002 Last Days of Disco (1 MPEG) Feb. 18, 2002 Boys Don't Cry (28 - Part 1) Feb. 5, 2002 Boys Don't Cry (26 - Part 2) Feb. 5, 2002 If These Walls Could Talk 2 Feb. 5, 2002 Kids Feb. 5, 2002 Gummo Feb. 5, 2002 Palmetto Feb. 5, 2002 Last Days of Disco Feb. 5, 2002 American Psycho Feb. 5, 2002 Trees Lounge Feb. 5, 2002 award shows Feb. 4, 2002 revealing Feb. 4, 2002 sexy Feb. 4, 2002 barefoot Feb. 4, 2002 keepers Feb. 4, 2002 What's New BM's Catalog Index A B ... Get a membership

    10. Chloe Sevigny
    Chloe Sevigny. Sevigny, Chloe IMDb Filmography - Known primarily for herrole in Kids, Sevigny's film credits are actually quite diverse.

    Celebrity List
    Celebrity News Celebrity Products Celebrity Reviews ... Home Page
    Chloe Sevigny
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    • Chloe Sevigny at Starpulse - Your one stop Chloe Sevigny resource, including links to biography, filmography, pictures, wallpapers, merchandise and more.
    • Chloe Sevigny at Starpulse - Your one stop Chloe Sevigny resource, including links to biography, filmography, pictures, wallpapers, merchandise and more.
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    • A-Celebrity: Chloe Sevigny - Profile, filmography and pictures of Chloe Sevigny.

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  • 12. Chloe
    chloe Sevigney / Emails, page 7
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    13. Enter Here For All CHLOE SEVIGNY- C H L O E C E N T R A L
    dedicated to film actress/ model and fashion gal chloe sevigny. I had the pleasure of meeting chloe in Nov of 2000
    Welcome to Chloë Central!! A place dedicated to film actress/ model and fashion gal Chloe Sevigny.
    I had the pleasure of meeting Chloe in Nov of 2000 at her play, "What the Butler Saw", and it was an unforgettable night for me. After that encounter, I vowed to spread the word to others about this unique actress of our time.
    Words cannot describe her, but I hope this website can. So in loving tribute and for all of the other Miss. Sevigny fans, this place is for you.
    Thank you and enjoy!
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    14. Sevigny, Chloe - Photographs
    Photos are the focus of this brief tribute to the young actress and model proving that anorexic, emaciated women are still in. chloe sevigny. last update sept 17/1999

    15. Chloe Sevigny On The Web
    Full webguide with links, filmography, and picture gallery.
    Chloe Sevigny on the Web is a comprehensive web guide including a gallery, her filmography, commentary and an exhaustive listing of other websites related to her. Chloe Sevigny on the Web is a part of The Rare Celebrity Nexus, The Celebrity Portal.

    16. Chloe Sevigny Captured
    She's one of the most engaging young actresses in the business, but Chloë sevigny detests seeing her own work on screen.
    • (8/11/2001) Movie News: According to sources Chloe will be involved in 2 upcoming projects. "Demon Lover" (with Gina Gershon) and "Dogville" (with Nicole Kidman). Stay tuned...
    • Movie Rumour: Looks like no acting projects for Chloe this year, sadly. Seems like our girl is taking a break to concentrate on movie production. Rumour has it. She'll be working,(possibly directing) on an upcoming Harmony Korine project. Stay tuned.. Movie Rumour: The Assuption of a virgin: Chloe is apparently in talks for a part in this movie based on the 15th century Florentine artist, Fra Filippo Lippi. (source:
    E-mail: Site created November 2000: Last updated 8th Nov 2001 visitor since Nov 2000.

    17. - Chloë Sevigny
    A collection of chloe sevigny pictures.
    picture index celebrities chloë sevigny bookmark ...
    Catherine Zeta Jones

    Chloë Sevigny
    Charisma Carpenter

    Charlize Theron

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    18. Chloe Sevigny: Profile, Picture, Poster, Download, Forum And Ring
    chloe sevigny Profile, Picture, Poster, Download, Forum and Ring

    TOP SEARCH Britney Spears
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    Christina Aguilera

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    ... more link... TRY THIS! NEW! ©2001, Celebrity Forever please mail us link to us Chloe Sevigny BIRTH DATE : November 18, 1974 BIRTH PLACE : Darien, Connecticut OCCUPATION : Actress EDUCATION : High school RELATIONSHIP : Justin Pierce; Harmony Korine, director; Jarvis Cocker Chloe Sevigny Forum Page Chloe Sevigny on the web Search Chloe Sevigny : Chloe Sevigny Images Chloe Sevigny Book Chloe Sevigny Poster Chloe Sevigny Music ... Chloe Sevigny Toys Recommended Chloe Sevigny Link : Chloe Sevigny Images @ Add Your Page Best Offers : Save Money with the NextCard Visa - As low as 2.99% Intro APR Win a DVD Player with MP3 Feedback! Free Copy of Readers Digest Chloe Sevigny Stuff : Books CD Video DVD

    19. Chloe Sevigny Pictures, Screensavers, Downloads, Photos, Posters, Biography, Wal
    chloe sevigny pictures, screensavers, posters, downloads, photos, biography, wallpaper,filmography, movies, videos. Home Actresses S sevigny, chloe.,_Chloe/
    Search ACTORS ACTRESSES ATHLETES MOVIES ... S > Sevigny, Chloe Rings: More Chloe Sevigny:
    Chloe Sevigny DVD/Video at
    Send Fan Mail Bid on Chloe Sevigny Items on ebay

    20. Chloe On *surface*
    chloe sevigny news, images, interviews, articles and links.
    1997 autumn
    interview: Riley John-Donnel
    edited by: Jeremy Lin
    P erched amid aging yuppies in a Gramercy Park bar, Chloe Sevigny leans forward to sip her white wine spritzer and fiddle with a bowl of Goldfish crackers. She sits side-saddle, one leg nestled under the other. The quilted shoulders and tiny ventilation holes of her black shirt position her somewhere between retro-80s and Kubrick:s . She is both innocent and awkward. She looks like Bambi in a breakdance outfit. Yet she's still the Girl of the Moment.
    C hloe entered the spotlight hip first, talent later. Teenangst trips from suburban Connecticut into New York's rave scene propelled her into downtown stardom, but it was her pivotal role in Larry Clark's controversial film Kids that extablished Chloe as a bona-fide actress. She shined alongside indie-hero Steve Buscemi in Trees Lounge and recently completed filming Volker Schlondorff's Palmetto
    H er pre-film "cool" status has served her well-Chloe's performances come equipped with a visual approach unique to many young American actors. She balanced both acting and costume design duties for Gummo , the latest endeavor from Kids ' screenwriter Harmony Korine.

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