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  1. Tony Slattery
  2. Australia United: Adventures at the 2006 World Cup, Germany by Tony Wilson, 2006-11-01

41. Tony Slattery - Biography
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42. Tony Slattery Admiration Page
I have been a huge tony slattery fan for several years now but unfortunately havehad little to no info. on him Back to The tony slattery Admiration Page.

43. Tony Slattery Admiration Page
Your Comments Back to The tony slattery Admiration Page. This Guestbookhas total 75 messages View Msg Click here to visit our sponsor!

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Tony Slattery
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  • 45. 1000 People More Annoying Than Mick Hucknall
    Projects 1000 People More Annoying Than Mick Hucknall tony slattery. Author, Unregistered,tony slattery Because he thinks he's clever enough to do improv.

    46. BIOGRAPHY - Tony Slattery
    DID YOU KNOW? Go2Broadband, tony slattery The Crying Game (1992), Peter'sFriends (1992). In The Spotlight ! Get the game Reel Clues!,,25466-1-EST,00.html

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    Tony Slattery
    The Crying Game
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    47. Tony Slattery
    Celebs Gossip. Celebs Gossip E tony slattery-comedian and actor. Born November. 9, 1959 in Northern London
    E: Tony Slattery- comedian and actor Born November. 9, 1959 in Northern London, Tony was the fifth and final child of Michael and Margaret Slattery, working class immigrants from Ireland. After completing his schooling at Gunnersbury Boy's Grammar School in West London, Tony won a scholarship to study medieval and modern languages at Cambridge University, specializing in Spanish Poetry and French Literature.
    It was during his time at Cambridge that Tony was introduced to the theatre. He was invited by Stephen Fry to become a member of the renowned Cambridge University Footlights Dramatic Club and from that point on, any thoughts he once had of becoming an academic ended when "getting up on stage and hearing laughter took over." The Footlights won the very first Perrier Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Festival in 1981 for their production of "The Cellar Tapes".
    Then in 1982, Tony was given the prestigious honour of being named President of the Footlights following such luminaries as Eric Idle, Clive Anderson and Peter Cook. That year's touring show was entitled "Premises Premises". Tony's fellow students / performers included a number of future stars such as: Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Jan Ravens, Sandi Toksvig, Morwenna Banks and Richard Vranch.

    48. DVDs Starring Tony Slattery
    There are 2 DVDs starring tony slattery Showing items 1 - 2. WeddingTackle, The (Wide Screen) (DVD) Usually ships within 6-7 days
    Title DVD Director Star There are 2 DVDs starring Tony Slattery - Showing items 1 - 2 Wedding Tackle, The (Wide Screen) (DVD)
    Usually ships within 6-7 days
    A stag night celebration turns into chaos when the guest begin to plot against each other. The groom has cold feet and is encouraging his best man to ... Read more Stars: Adrian Dunbar James Purefoy Tony Slattery Neil Stuke ... Wedding Tackle, The (Wide Screen) (Limited Edition) (DVD) NEVER RELEASED ~ Not available
    A stag night celebration turns into chaos when the guest begin to plot against each other. The groom has cold feet and is encouraging his best man to ... Read more Stars: Adrian Dunbar James Purefoy Tony Slattery Neil Stuke Bensons World
    Unit 9, Iron Bridge Close, Great Central Way, London, NW10 0UF
    Tel: 020 84510600 Fax: 020 84595162

    49. The Best Bit Of ... Tony Slattery -
    Author, Comment. The Old Bean Lord IDIOT Posts 2968 (12/30/02 80037pm) Reply, The Best Bit of tony slattery Second in the series.

    50. Tony Slattery
    The saliva dart champion tony slattery. Name Anthony Declan James slattery.Date of Birth 9 November 1959. Place of Birth Stonebridge, London, England.
    The saliva dart champion...Tony Slattery Name: Anthony Declan James Slattery Date of Birth : 9 November 1959 Place of Birth : Stonebridge, London, England Biography:
    • youngest of 5 (1 sister and triplet brothers) to a working class family.
    • was invited in to the Footlights Dramatic Club by Stephen Fry and became Club President in 1982.
    • 1998 became Rector at Dundee University, where he attends meetings and represents the student body's interests and well-being.
    • Other Presidents of the Footlight Drama Club include Eric Idle, Peter Cook and Clive Anderson.
    Quote: "Words are like loaded pistols...Use them at your peril." "Be happy, have fun,work and play hard, be good to your bodies and demanding on your brains" More Pictures: Quotes from Whose Line: "This is no time for a penguin three way." "If you're 5 years old then why are you losing your hair?" "Will it wash away my sins as well as my underpants?" Selected Filmography (from IMDB) "Wedding Tackle" (2000) - Little Ted

    In 2002, out of 17359 votes 50.80% thought tony slattery was annoying!tony slattery, The Résumé. Occupation Comedian. (November

    52. Tony Slattery - Resources Center (info, News, Fan Mail, Photos, Web Sites, Poste
    Your source for tony slattery information including last news, selective filmographyand discography, fan mail addresses, photos and posters, books, videos,_Tony
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    The Crying Game
    Cast and Crew (in alphabetical order):
    Jaye Davidson

    Stephen Rea

    Miranda Richardson

    Tony Slattery
    Forest Whitaker

    This movie is available on:
    VHS Browse The Crying Game ... related sites (4 sites found) Last News November 29, 2001 Cartland puppet beats all Really Too Old News A Barbara Cartland puppet fetches the most at an auction of more than 200 famous faces from the Spitting Image satirical ITV series. Source: BBC News April 27, 2001 Cambridge Footlights: Living with a legacy Really Too Old News The Cambridge Footlights boasts a wealth of famous comedians among its former members, but finds competing with their reputations is no laughing matter Source: BBC News November 24, 1999

    53. Tony Slattery
    No other explanation. So I'll just move on right away with the biography. Allthis information is from the tony slattery Compendium. tony slattery's Bio.
    Well I'll just tell you this man is great. Plain and simple. No other explanation.
    So I'll just move on right away with the biography.
    All this information is from the Tony Slattery Compendium . Visit it for tons
    of really good info on Tony and everything else Tony. Tony Slattery's Bio Full Name: Anthony Deklan James Slattery
    Date of Birth: November 9th, 1959
    Place of Birth/Hometown: Stonebridge, England
    Siblings: Four siblings (some one want to fill me in on this one?)
    Hair : Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    University : Cambridge University
    That's all that kind of information I could get.
    But I did get some interesting information type stuff. In 1982 Tony was elected President of the Footlights which is very prestigeous. After that he went on to shows like "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" and . Unfortunately Tony suffered a breakdown in the form of an endogenous clinical depression, but now he is doing well and recovering. On Friday 13th February, 1998, Tony was elected to the position of Rector at Dundee University and still holds that position. In early 1999 Tony was again performing with The Comedy Store Players and in a charity event.

    54. Tony's Treehouse - For Your Tony Comments
    The tony slattery Graffiti Board. This is your place. Or, if you'd like todiscuss tony in more detail, visit The tony slattery Compendium MB
    The Tony Slattery Graffiti Board
    This is your place. Put your comments on Tony down here. Pick up a spraycan (aka the entry form below) and say your mind. Or , if you'd like to discuss Tony in more detail, visit The Tony Slattery Compendium MB Name:
    Scribble your opinion:
    The Tony Slattery Compendium

    Cathy [ ]
    - I will never understand why they won't bring Tony to the US there is no doubt he would be a hit right away. He is so talented and devoted to this work no matter if it is a movie or improv. You can tell by watching him that he is very intelligent. Of course I have to mention his good looks.There is just something about him that you have to love him or there is something wrong.Bring him to the US so we can see more of his work. (24-Mar-2003)
    Squirt [ ]
    - Let me count the ways I worship this guy: the complete commitment he brings to every onstage moment. His love of improv. His world-class verbal skills. His giggles. His warm, unpretentious personality. His insight into his illness, his strength in conquering it, and his honesty in talking about it. Those amazing eyes, that silky dark hair and that soothing voice. Well, this has gotten way too naff, so I'd best head back to Planet Slattery...erm, home... (12-Feb-2003)
    Kashmir [ ]

    55. The Tony Slattery Admiration Page
    Welcome to my little tribute to a wonderfully entertaining actor, singer andcomedian, tony slattery. tony as Little Ted in The Wedding Tackle.
    Tony as Little Ted in The Wedding Tackle
    My Time On A Roller Coaster Of Madness
    The Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Aug 5, 2000
    Comic actor Tony Slattery used to be everywhere—on TV, stage and radio—but a severe mental breakdown saw him confined to his flat for a year, staring at the walls and throwing furniture out the window. He tells Michael Hellicar about his mad, bad days and the fight back to sanity and the limelight.
    Slattery had moved into a second-floor warehouse flat in Wapping, overlooking the Thames with a view of Tower Bridge. He had very few possessions, but one day, Slattery snapped and decided to clear the flat completely. "I hurled everything out of the window. The phone, the fax, TV, the stereo, they all went, and I was just struggling to push the fridge out when the river police arrived. They called up to me: 'Tony, will you please stop throwing things in the water. Take the fridge back into the room, Tony. Tony, not the fridge! Oh hell, too late.' There was nothing in it, anyway, except for empty vodka bottles."
    The team were briefly reunited in the early Nineties in the movie Peter's Friends, directed by Kenneth Branagh, then married to actress Emma Thompson. There were cries of luvvie nepotism, but Slattery says it wasn't like that. "I never socialised with them, and I hadn't worked with Stephen for ten years. And I'd never met Branagh, so I had to audition for it, fair and square." Indeed , since Cambridge, Slattery had immersed himself in populist TV panel games and quizzes while the others strove for higher intellectual planes.

    56. Celebrity Addresses, Fan Club Addresses | Celebrities, Pop Groups
    slattery, tony, Comedian and actor. c/o ICM, Oxford House, 76 Oxford Street, London,W1N 0AX, England. slattery, tony, Actor and comedian (bn 9.11.59).
    B C D ... Z S SABATINI, GABRIELLA , Tennis player. c/o Proserv, 1101 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1300, Arlington, VA22209, USA. SALEM, ADELE , Actress (Vanessa in EastEnders). BBC Elstree Centre, Clarendon Road, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, WD6 1JF, England. SAUNDERS, JENNIFER SAVAGE, FRED , Actor (The Wonder Years). c/o CAA, 9830 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA. SAVINI, TOM , Email address: SAWALHA, JULIA SCACCHI, GRETA , Actress. c/o ICM, Oxford House, 76 Oxford Street, London, W1N 0AX, England. SCALES, PRUNELLA , Actress (Sybill Fawlty in Fawlty Towers). Conway, van Gelder, Robinson, 3rd Floor, 18-21 Jermyn Street, London, SW1Y 6HP, England. SCHONFIELD, STEPHANIE , Actress (Janice Bolton in Hollyoaks). c/o HollyOaks, Mersey Television, Campus Manor, Childwall Abbey Road, Childwall, Liverpool, L16 0JP, England. SCHWARZENEGGER, ARNOLD , Actor. 3110 Main Street, 300, Santa Monica, CA 90039, USA. Also try: PO Box 1234, Santa Monica, CA 90406, USA.

    57. Tony Slattery - Links And Pics Offered By
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  • 58. Favorite Tony Slattery WL Musical Game
    Favorite tony slattery WL Musical Game Vote Talk This is a booth forall the fans of tony slattery and Whose Line Is It Anyway? in general.

    59. Favorite Tony Slattery WL Outfit
    Advertise with FreeVote! Favorite tony slattery WL outfit Vote Talk Well, this is the second of my tony polls. During his

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