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  1. Millwall F.c. Wartime Guest Players: Paddy Sloan, Frank Soo, Jack Bradley, Sailor Brown, Louis Cardwell, Albert Hall
  2. Reading F.c. Wartime Guest Players: Matt Busby, Frank Swift, Joe Mercer, Frank Soo, Jack Bradley, Alfred Day, Joe Bacuzzi, Jimmy Mullen
  3. Complete Tang Soo Do Manual, from White Belt to Black Belt, Vol. 1 by Jack Pistella, 2004-04-13
  4. Complete Tang Soo Do Master Manual: From 2nd Dan to 6th Dan, Vol. 2 by Jack Pistella, 2005-04-01
  5. Site preparation of jack pine cutovers with shark-finned barrels in Saskatchewan (Northern Forest Research Centre. Information report NOR-X) by J Soos, 1974

61. Women Of Kung Fu San Soo Links Page
The San soo Journal Pasadena Kung Fu San soo Master jack Sera's home page Kung FuSan soo of Texas Master Bill Hulsey's Kung Fu San soo page The Flowing Waters
Master Dave Hopkins - Kung Fu San Soo

Master George Kosty - Kung Fu San Soo

Jeff Frater's Kung Fu San Soo

Master Dave Hopkins - Kung Fu San Soo

Master George Kosty - Kung Fu San Soo

Jeff Frater's Kung Fu San Soo

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62. 2001 NORTH CAROLINA OPEN 22 - 25 March, Pinehurst, NC Report By
Championship Flight 1. Jeff soo 2. Mack Penwell 3. Bill Martin Bob Cherry 5. LouisNel 6. Paul Scott Ed Roberts Andy Short Johnny Mitchell 10. jack Stevens 16.
22 - 25 March, Pinehurst, NC
Report by Jeff Soo
(with additional remarks, below, by Louis Nel)
Today, for the fourth time in five years, Jeff Soo and Mack Penwell squared off in the final match of the NC Open. Penwell won in '97 and '98. Soo has now leveled the series by successfully defending his 2000 title. Soo won +20tp, +18tp, taking full advantage of one Penwell breakdown in each game. Soo finished the tournament with eight wins, no losses, and six triple peels. Leo Nikora, of Kihei, Hawaii, also finished with eight wins and no losses in winning the First Flight. In the final, he beat Pinehurst local Jim McGill +20. Louis Nel of Edwards, Ontario won the Plate competition, with +3 net wins. The Biscuit Barrel, a permanent trophy for the player with the best peeling record at the tournament, went to Jeff Soo for the second straight year. Other players performing triples were Paul Scott with two, and Bob Cherry and Ken Rosenberry with one each. Order of Finish Additional Remarks by Louis Nel Among croquet events on this continent, The North Carolina Open is exceptional in several respects. The games without time limit (in the main event) remove the unpleasant tension associated with double banking in games with a close finish. They also brings new strategic aspects into play. There were several games in which the opponent's rover was pegged out in order to create a 2 balls against 1 situation even when the side with 2 balls is far behind on points. This often led to very enjoyable end games, for both players and spectators. (Such endings are different in the time-limited situation, where the player ahead on points has an incentive to consume as much time as possible). The lack of time limits did not cause any scheduling problems. The tournament was well planned. The best-of-three games feature reduces significantly the possibility of "lucky, undeserved" wins.

63. MedSoc '98 Sorted : Jack Elinson's E-mail Addresses
jack Elinson's email addresses. Next message soo-Yeon Cho Re Softwarefor Qualitative Data ; Previous message
Jack Elinson's e-mail addresses
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 22:52:36 -0500
Jack Elinson
I have been receiving MEDSOC messages on two of my e-mail addresses.
Please remove one of them.
The one to REMOVE is
Thank you.

64. MedSoc '98 Sorted : Re: Software For Qualitative Data
Previous message jack Elinson jack Elinson's email addresses ; Maybe in replyto Virginia Qualitative Data . Sun, 15 Nov 1998 183025 -0600 soo-Yeon Cho
Re: Software for Qualitative Data
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 18:30:25 -0600
Soo-Yeon Cho
Dear Virginia A. O'Connell,
In response to software packages for managing qualitative data, I've use
HyperQual for Macintosh. I personally use PC, but I've use HyperQual in
my methodology TA class, and I found that was very useful. No matter
which way one prefer (old or new), one has to develop a coding system to
be able to analyze the data. I haven't used NUD*IST, but I've heard
that is good one for PC. You can try the review version as a free. The
web site is:
Personally I want to try NUD*IST for myself too. If you have positive experience using the try version of NUD*IST, please let me hear from

65. John Quest's Biography
He is a former member of two separate Tang soo Do federations as well as a currentmember of jack Hogan Karate International and Arnis International under
INSTRUCTORS Location Instructors Enrollment Schedule ... Feedback
A New Year, A New Look
Karate Quest Web site has a new look for 2003, and a lot more to offer. Please explore our site and take a look at the new students area. Let us know how you like our site by using the feedback page. Karate Quest Home Instructors
John Quest
Kyo Sa nim John Quest has been training in the martial arts since 1988 and teaching since 1994. He has won numerous Tang Soo Do and Open Tournaments in both forms and Free Sparring Divisions; two-time TSD State Sparring Champion, two-time TSD State Forms Champion, 1995 TSD National Sparring Champion. He is a former member of two separate Tang Soo Do federations as well as a current member of Jack Hogan Karate International and Arnis International under Master Bruce Chiu. His qualifications include:
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt in Ryukyu Kempo 1st Dan in Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan Federation 1st Dan US Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation 1st Dan US Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation Kyo Sa Rank US Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan Federation 1st Dan Modern Arnis 1st Dan Arnis International Advanced Instructor Modern Arnis Advanced Instructor Arnis International
He received his training over the years from several distinguished instructors
The list includes:
  • Master Dave Sgro / 4th Dan Tang Soo Do Moo Do Kwan Federation Kyo Sa Nim Mike Guidone / 2nd Dan Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan Federation Master Charles Ferarro / Grandmaster Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan Federation

66. Obituaries
Smith, Hinsdale, Mar 7,1959. Smith, PineTop, Mar 15,1929. Snead, Sam, May 23,2002.soo, jack, Jan 11,1979. Spencer, Earl, Mar 29,1992. Spencer, Diana, Aug 31,1997.§ion=p

67. SOO Training Catalogue Entry
soo. Convective Parameterization in NWP Models. A soo Training Catalogue Entry.CONTACT INFORMATION. Name jack Kain. Street address 1313 Halley Circle.
Convective Parameterization in NWP Models
A SOO Training Catalogue Entry
CONTACT INFORMATION Name: Jack Kain Street address: 1313 Halley Circle City: Norman State, Zip: OK, 73069 Phone (w/ extension): E-Mail: Today's Date: INFORMATION ABOUT THE RESOURCE Author: Jack Kain New or revised entry in the catalogue? New Date of creation or latest revision: Title: Convective Parameterization in NWP Models DESCRIPTION This training is related to: Meteorology
COMAP or other training facility's course
Research paper
This training is intended for: Small group study
Topics: Convection
Mesoscale Phenomena/Dynamics
Subject of the material: 1) Provides a brief overview of the reasons why convection must be parameterized in NWP models and a survey of different approaches to the parameterization problem. 2) Provides a description of the Betts-Miller-Janjic convective scheme and its general operating principles. Provides several examples showing how this scheme can modify model soundings, strongly affecting CAPE and CIN values in model soundings. 3) Provides a very brief description of the Kain-Fritsch convective scheme and describes one of its unique output fields, the parameterized updraft mass flux. Location(s):
Format(s): PowerPoint Slides Length or estimated time for completion: 90 minutes Additional Information: suggested reading materials available on the web: and

68. DVDs Starring Jack Soo
There are 1 DVDs starring jack soo Showing items 1 - 1. Green Berets,The (Wide Screen) (DVD), Green Berets, The (Wide Screen) (DVD
Title DVD Director Star There are 1 DVDs starring Jack Soo - Showing items 1 - 1 Green Berets, The (Wide Screen) (DVD)
Usually ships within 4-5 days
A Colonel in the Special Forces leads his troops against the enemy in this war drama of the Vietnam conflict. Read more Stars: John Wayne George Takei Bruce Cabot Patrick Wayne Bensons World
Unit 9, Iron Bridge Close, Great Central Way, London, NW10 0UF
Tel: 020 84510600 Fax: 020 84595162

69. September 2002 - A Weblog By Meg Hourihan
Dan Gillmor on jack Valenti Dan Gillmor's latest column, Studios' copyright goalis total eg Those Prada heels are too expensive. ) So why not so and soo?

70. MyViews
jack Email, Aug,17.20001133. Re Your Mama so Fat . Bull Shitting Again ! DNAGuy Email, Aug,17.2000-1445. Re you mama soo fat is just a US joke, sweetiepie

0, 45, SheilaLabbe, 10 Jan 2003 0431. message for jack, 0, 75, soo,09 Jan 2003 2137. Melody aka SWALK, 2, 87, colin, 09 Jan 2003 1357.Melodt

72. The Green Berets (in MARION)
John Wayne, David Janssen, Jim Hutton, Aldo Ray, Raymond St. Jacques, BruceCabot, jack soo, George Takei, Patrick Wayne, Luke Askew, Irene Tsu.
The Green Berets
  • Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video, 1996.
  • Widescreen version.
  • 1 videodisc (142 min.) : sd., col., ; 4 3/4 in.
  • DVD.
  • Dolby digital.
  • Originally produced as a motion picture in 1968.
  • From the novel "The Green Berets" by Robin Moore.
  • Music, Miklos Rozsa.
  • John Wayne, David Janssen, Jim Hutton, Aldo Ray, Raymond St. Jacques, Bruce Cabot, Jack Soo, George Takei, Patrick Wayne, Luke Askew, Irene Tsu.
  • Audio tracks in English, French and Spanish; subtitles in English and Spanish.
  • Closed-captioned.
  • Special features include interactive menus, production notes, featurette, scene access, and seven theatrical trailers.

73. East York Hapkido-Karate Club -- Hakido And The Movies!
billy_jack_poster.jpg, Billy jack 1971 Bong soo Han (see below) doubledfor star Tom Laughlin in the film's memorable fight scene.
and the
movies back to hapkido history page Hapkido in the movies? You bet. Some of the best fight scenes on the big screen have been inspired by Hapkido. Following are some of those flicks and the martial artists who appeared in them. You can click the smaller images to view larger ones. Please use the "back" button of your browser to return. Billy Jack
Bong Soo Han (see below) doubled for star Tom Laughlin in the film's memorable fight scene. Billy Jack tells the town's bad guy, "You know what I think I'm gonna do then? Just for the hell of it? I'm gonna take this right foot, and I'm gonna whop you on that side of your face, and you wanna know something? There's not a damn thing you're gonna be able to do about it." Hapkido
A hard-to-find classic starring Angela Mao Ying, Carter Wong, Sammo Hung, Ji Han Jae, Whang In-shik, and Jackie Chan, back when he was just a stuntman. Haven't heard of Hapkido ? Don't feel bad it was released in the west as Lady Kung Fu , to capitalize on the popularity of Kung Fu flicks. When Taekwondo Strikes
Another classic starring Angela Mao Ying and Carter Wong, who became a very successful action team. Jhoon Rhee, considered the father of Tae Kwon Do in the US, plays one of the leads. Legendary Hapkidoist Whang In-shik plays a Japanese villain. Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao also appear.

74. Master Bong Soo Han Page
Grand Master Bong soo Han is the world's foremost practitioner of Hapkido and is massexposure did not come until the motion picture, Billy jack, filled the
Welcome to
Complete Martial

focusIN Specialty Web Network
Home Who's Who? Hall of Fame : Bong Soo Han Grandmaster Bong Soo Han Hapkido: Korean Art of Self Defense
Style: Hapkido Grand Master Bong Soo Han is the world's foremost practitioner of Hapkido and is referred to as the Father of Hapkido in the Western World. Grand Master Han has studied and refined this powerful Korean martial art for more than 50 years. He currently holds the rank of 9th Dan Black Belt. He is the Founder and President of the International Hapkido Federation.
Grand Master Han first introduced Hapkido into the United States in 1967, although mass exposure did not come until the motion picture, "Billy Jack," filled the nation's theaters in 1971. In this film, Grand Master Han gained critical acclaim for creating and staging some of the most breathtaking and realistic fight sequences that have ever graced the Silver Screen.
In the ensuing years, Grand Master Han choreographed, doubled, starred in, and produced numerous films including: "The Trial of Billy Jack", "Kentucky Fried Movie", "Kill the Golden Goose", "Force Five", and "The Presidio". Grand Master Han was a lso featured in The Arts and Entertainment documentary, "The Martial Arts", and will be the subject of an upcoming documentary by Academy Award and Emmy Award winning filmmaker Peter Spirer.

75. 001 Performer Updates
Dr. No's Bernard Lee Dr. No's jack Lord Dr. No's Lois Maxwell Dr. No's Sean Connery ToA Kill's Grace Jones From A View To A Kill's Papillion soosoo From A's_jack_
c/o BCW Productions

2711 NW 42 Pl
Gainesville, FL 32605 725-plus pages on all the action...007Forever 001: Actors and Action
Performer Updates
Dr. No's Jack Lord
Jack Lord (Felix Leiter- Dr.No) Died of congestive heart failure on Jan 21st, 1998, at the age of 77. He is best known for his role as Steve McGarrett on "Hawaii Five-O" but Bond fans will always remember him as the first Felix Leiter. Dr. No's Bernard Lee
Dr. No's Jack Lord

Dr. No's Lois Maxwell

Dr. No's Sean Connery
007: Literary Intrigues

76. J
inthe-box, Eoineen 'sy chishtey jack-knife, skynn foshlee jack-staff, slat jam,chionnal, gloo, glooid, greimmey, jingey, lhiettrimys, mooghey, soo jam dish
jab, brod, broddey
jabbed, broddit
jabber, cabbaraght, chengleyragh, chengleyrys
jabbering, cabbaraght, chengleyragh, chengleyrys
jabbing, broddagh, broddey
jack, brattagh croan spreih, Eoineen, fieaumanagh, guilley
jack (bowls), dean guilley
jack boot, bootys ard
Jack Frost, Eean y ghob jiarg
Jack of all trades, ylcheirdagh
jack plane, locker garroo jack snipe, coar veg jack tar, marrinagh jack up, croghey (er jack) Jack-in-the-box, Eoineen 'sy chishtey jack-knife, skynn foshlee jack-staff, slat vrattagh jackal, coo conveyrt jackanapes, apag jackass, assyl fyrryn, ommidan jackdaw, caaig doo-chassagh jacket, beggon, jaggad jacket (of book), far-choodagh jacket potatoes, praaseyn gyn lhoamey jacketing, cassyl, coodagh jackknife, filley jackpot, dubbyr argid Jacob's ladder, aarey Yacob Jacobean, Jamyssagh Jacobite, Jamyssagh Jacobitism, Jamyssaght jade, beeataig, clagh ghlass, jaid, stridlag jade-green, jaid-glass jaded, ceaut, moandagh jadish, beeataigagh jag, agg, cur agg ayn, feeackle jagged, aggagh, feeacklagh, garroo jail, carchyr, cur ayns pryssoon, pryssoon jailbird

77. The SOO Spring 1997 Issue
RIP (repair in progress) track foreman with P. Hannenberg, E. Dahlman and jack Lassilahelping. Copyright © 1997 the soo Line Historical and Technical Society.

78. The SOO Winter 1999 Issue
jack made contact with Mr. Banta who asked for plans and some information, which barrelsaround the depot, a safety ladder for the second floor, soo Line agent

3, 4.7 MB, jack in GAC room, 1.8 MB, Boss Round 1, 5.3 MB, Plane Crash, 2.3 MB,Hildy's Dance, 3.4 MB, Night Club Dance, 3.4 MB, . , Intro Music, 1.4 MB,soo Main
Intro Movie Merc's Entrance 1.7 MB Jug's Entrance 1.4 MB Stage Music 1.2 MB Level Pieces Hide n Seek 2.8 MB Ending Sequence 2.1 MB Slaughter 3.2 MB SkyScraper 2.7 MB Infernal Realm 2.7 MB Ghosts of Anubis 2.8 MB Menu Music 2.1 MB Tomb of Horus 2.7 MB Sniper Time 2.7 MB Pharaohs Revenge 2.7 MB Infiltrate 2.7 MB Wasteland 2.7 MB From Below 2.7 MB Hell 2.8 MB 2.7 MB Collision Course 2.8 MB Assault 2.8 MB Chemical Burn 2.8 MB
1.9 MB Danger 1.0 MB Lab 1.1 MB Ghosts 1.0 MB Exotic 1.9 MB Night 1.0 MB Maya 1.0 MB Spooky 1.0 MB

In Game Music Cut Scene Music Action 1 6.0 MB Jack's Escape 4.7 MB Ambient 1 6.0 MB Jack at Oar House 3.2 MB Action 3 4.7 MB Jack in G.A.C. room 1.8 MB Boss Round 1 5.3 MB Plane Crash 2.3 MB

80. Lee Tae-Soo Die Griechische Tradition Der Aristotelischen Syllogistik In Der SpĂ
Translate this page Autor Lee Tae-soo. Rubrik Kategorie Durrell Lawrence Schwarze Oli TucholskyKurt Politische Jus Kerouac jack Engel, Kif und n
Lee Tae-Soo Die griechische Tradition der aristotelischen Syllogistik in der Spätantike
Titel: Die griechische Tradition der aristotelischen Syllogistik in der Spätantike.
Autor: Lee Tae-Soo
Durrell Lawrence Schwarze Oli...

Beauvoir Simone de In den bes...

Philipe Anne Nur einen Seufze...

Capote Truman KaltblĂĽtig....

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