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         Babbitt Milton:     more books (51)
  1. Some aspects of twelve-tone composition: Set structure as a compositional determinant by Milton Babbitt, 1955
  2. A life of learning: Charles Homer Haskins lecture (ACLS occasional paper) by Milton Babbitt, 1991
  3. Vision and Prayer. For soprano and synthesized accompaniment. Poem by Dylan Thomas, etc. < Facsimile edition. > by Milton Byron Babbitt, 1971
  4. Partitions. [P. F.] by Milton Byron Babbitt, 1964
  5. Perspectives of New Music - Fall-Winter 1970; Vol. 9 No. 1 by Benjamin Boretz, Godfrey Winham, Richard M. Martin, Joel Sachs, Thomas Clifton, and John Clough, Contributors Milton Babbitt, 1971
  6. Composition for four Instruments. (Flute, violin, clarinet, cello.) < Score. > (New Music Edition) by Milton Byron Babbitt, 1949
  7. Post-Partitions. Piano by Milton Byron Babbitt, 1975
  8. String Quartet No. 4. < Score. > by Milton Byron Babbitt, 1976
  9. Woodwind Quartet (in one movement), etc. < Score. > by Milton Byron Babbitt, 1966
  10. Semi-simple Variations ... [P. F.] Edited by Isadore Freed by Milton Byron Babbitt, 1957
  11. New Vistas in Song. High voice and piano, etc. [By Milton Babbitt, Edward T. Cone and others.]
  12. Milton Babbitt: Words About Music (Madison Lectures) by University of Wisconsin Press, 1987
  13. Electronic Music ["An Adventure Into the World of Electrosonics"] by Charles B., Editor; Otto Luening, J. K. Randall, Milton Babbitt, Eunice Boardman, Wayne Barlow, Morton Subotnick, James Seawright, Vladimir Ussachevsky, Virginia Hagemann, Anne Modugno, John Eaton, Barry L Vercoe, & others, Contributors Fowler, 1968
  14. Correspondences and associations in Milton Babbit's Reflections by John Peel, 1986

41. - Composer/compositor/compositeur/säveltäjä - Babbitt, Milton
Translate this page babbitt, milton (Byron). date of birth/fecha de nacimiento/date de naissance/syntymäaika1916-05-10. nationality/nacionalidad/nationalité

42. Milton Babbitt
Home Back to Classes milton babbitt BIBLIOGRAPHY babbitt, milton. An Introductionto the RCA Synthesizer', JMT, viii (1964), 251– 65. babbitt, milton.

43. Milton Babbitt
Born May 10, 1916 in Philadelphia, milton babbitt earned a BA in music in 1935(New York University) and an MFA in music in 1942 (Princeton University).

44. Nozze In: Babbitt, Milton Byron
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Babbitt, Milton Byron
fondi B ellissimi ... ine

45. Milton Babbitt: Annotated Bibliography
milton babbitt. babbitt, milton. Lake, William E. Listening for LargeScale Formin Music of milton babbitt. Contemporary Music Forum No.2 (1990)11-19.
T556 Annotated Bibliographies
Milton Babbitt
Babbitt , Milton. "Some Aspects of Twelve-Tone Composition." The Score and I.M.A. Magazine 12 (1955): 53-61. The article presents different aspects, more importantly the functionality of it in regard to its pitch class invariants. Babbitt
goes into brief detail the possibilities of the twelve-tone row that had yet to be realized (at least put into regular practice) at the time of the article. Babbitt's purpose is to point out the growth and expansion of this phase of twelve tone activity as it pertains to its place in the work being done in the United States, where, in Babbitt's view, twelve-tone composers and compositions have not gotten the attention and appreciation that is entirely deserved. The bulk of the article presents aspects of the row concerning the technique of combinatoriality and how different permutations of the twelve-tone row, either in trichords, tetrachords, and hexachords, can be used compositionally to create aggregates in many different ways. Babbitt also points at that the different processes performed on the notes themselves can also be applied to non-pitch components, such as rhythm, meter, dynamics, etc. Examples from the literature used for illustration are Schoenberg's String Fourth String Quartet, Schoenberg's Suite, op.29, and Webern's Concerto for Nine Instruments. (Michael W. Toler, 1997)

46. CNIDR Search [afs9070]
Author babbitt, milton, 1916. Title Philomel sound recording / milton babbitt. babbitt,milton, 1916 Philomel. babbitt, milton, 1916- Phonemena.

47. T351 - GILLESPIE - SUMMER 2002 Music Library Reserve Recordings
babbitt, milton, 1916 Duet, piano Duet ; Semi-simple variations/ milton babbitt. Felix natalis / Stephen Peles. Variations for
William and Gayle Cook Music Library
Reserve Recordings
Adams, John, 1947-
The Chairman dances : foxtrot for orchestra ; Christian zeal and activity ;
John Adams.
New York, N.Y. : Elektra Nonesuch, p1987.
CD .A214 Ge
Listen to online copy in VARIATIONS
Arditti Quartet. prf
(Ruth Crawford Seeger string quartet)
CD .A6775 C4S.1
Listen to online copy in VARIATIONS
Babbitt, Milton, 1916-
Duet ; Semi-simple variations / Milton Babbitt. Felix natalis / Stephen Peles.
Variations for piano ; Voices / Steven Gerber. Four songs of departure / Noel
(Contemporary music on record)
LP-S .B1122 K1.1
Listen to online copy in VARIATIONS
***On-Line Listening Only***
Babbitt, Milton, 1916-
Mundi U.S.A., p1986.
CD .B1122 K1
Listen to online copy in VARIATIONS
Bartok, Bela.
CD .B292 C2S1.1-3
Listen to online copy in VARIATIONS
Bartok, Bela, 1881-1945.
Hungaroton, p1984.
CD .B292 C4S-13
Listen to online copy in VARIATIONS
Bartok, Bela, 1881-1945.
CD .B292 G5.2-3
Listen to online copy in VARIATIONS
Bartok, Bela, 1881-1945.
Piano music.

48. List Of Performances - Composer Names Starting With B
babbitt, milton, A little goes a long way, 11/29/2001, Paine HallHarvardUniversity, Cambridge, MA, Rolf Schulte/Vln, James Winn/Pf, World.
Yesterday Service, Inc.
Performances - Composer names starting with B
Yesterday's Home Performance List Publisher Links Internet Classical Music Resources ... Troubleshooting
Mon. - Sat. 10:00AM to 6:00PM EST. Yesterday Service at Cambridge Music Center 1902 Massachusetts Avenue 2nd Floor Cambridge, MA 02140 USA tel: (617) 547-8263 fax: (617) 661-9246 Contact Esther Breslau by
or tel: (781)641-0951 Monday through Friday, 11 am until 5 pm.
Write to Esther at: 64 Hodge Road, Arlington, MA 02474. Performances: 522 Composer Title Date Location CityState Group Participants Premiere Babbitt, Milton A little goes a long way Paine Hall-Harvard University Cambridge, MA Rolf Schulte/Vln, James Winn/Pf World Babbitt, Milton All Set Paine Concert Hall-Harvard Cambridge, MA Fromm Players No Babbitt, Milton Du Williams Hall-NEC Boston, MA Denise Konicek/Sop, Rodney Lister/Pf No Babbitt, Milton Mehr Du Williams Hall-NEC Boston, MA Denise Konicek/Sop, John Ziarko/Vla, Rodney Lister/Pf No Babbitt, Milton The Widow's Lament in Springtime Jordan Hall-NEC Boston, MA

49. Arnold Jazz Workshop-Further Investigation
AUTHOR babbitt, milton, 1916 TITLE A life of learning / milton Babitt. AUTHORbabbitt, milton, 1916- TITLE A life of learning / milton Babitt.
Further Investigations Related Books That I Recommend Many times students ask me "what books should I read to understand music at a deeper level" Here is a list of books I have found to be very insightful and which have helped me to spur my creativity or teach me the nuts and bolts of music and art in general. This list of books is in no special order. To quick-jump to a topic, select from these: Theoretical 12 Tone Theory Counterpoint Orchestration ... Writers Theoretical AUTHOR :Hanson, Howard, 1896-
TITLE :Harmonic materials of modern music; resources of the tempered scale.
PUBLISHER :New York, Appleton-Century-Crofts [1960]
DESCRIPTION :381 p. illus. 24 cm AUTHOR Kepes, Gyorgy, 1906- ed.
TITLE Module, proportion, symmetry, rhythm.
IMPRINT New York, G. Braziller [1966] AUTHOR: Piston, Walter, 1894-1976.
TITLE: Harmony / Walter Piston.

50. Home Backlist Ambient Audio Art/Radio Art Books Classical/20th C
The Phoenix Symphony/James Sedares. babbitt, milton Philomel/ Phonemena/ PostPartitions/Reflections. babbitt, milton Piano Concerto, The Head of the Bed.
Home Backlist: Ambient Audio Art/Radio Art Books Classical/20th C [a-c] [d-h] [i-r] [s-z] Experimental [a] [b] [c] [d] ... Industrial/Noise Jazz/Improvisation [a] [b] Anthony Braxton [c] ... [w-z] Rock [a-b] [c-d] [e-g] [h-j] ... Video World/Ethnomusicology [a-g] [h-t] [u-z] World: Ocara ... How to Order Instrumentation Codes ACC= accordion
AS= alto sax
B= bass
BCL= bass clarinet
BFL= bass flute
BJ= banjo
BN= bassoon
BS= baritone sax
C= cornet
C-BCL= contrabass clarinet
CL= clarinet CE= cello DR= drums FH= French horn FL= flute FLH= flugelhorn G= guitar KYB= keyboards H= harp M= mandolin ORG= organ P= piano PERC= percussion PIC= piccolo SAMP= sampler SS= soprano sax SSI= sopranino sax SYN= synthesizer TB= trombone TP= trumpet TS= tenor sax V= violin VA= viola VOC= vocals, voice
Classical: A to C
B Michael Boriskin C
Adams, John Luther Clouds of Forgetting, Clouds of Unknowing
NEW WORLD RECORDS NEW-80500-2-CD ($16.00 CD) The Apollo Chamber Orchestra/JoAnn Falletta. 'My aspiration here was not so much to compose a piece of music, as it was to evoke a wholeness of music, a sounding presence somehow equivalent to that of a vast landscape.' -John Luther Adams.
Aequalis Chamber Music
NEW WORLD RECORDS NEW-80412-2-CD ($16.00 CD)

51. Ccm Composers-classical-music Com : Babbitt, Milton Babbitt
home. babbitt, milton Byron 1916 USA, Philadelphia. Title, Parts.Composition for 12 instr. 1946 Viola, flute, cello, harp, bassoon
Babbitt, Milton Byron 1916- USA, Philadelphia
Title Parts
Composition for 12 instr. 1946
Viola, flute, cello, harp, bassoon, clarinet, bassclarinet, horn, trumpet, violin, double bass and celesta.

52. IU Suggested Electronic Music Listening List
babbitt, milton, Philomel, CD ZF.L104. babbitt, milton, Ensembles for Synthesizer,LPS .C1313 S8.4/2. babbitt, milton, Vision and Prayer, CD .B1122 Ge.
Indiana University Suggested Electronic Music Listening List compiled by Prof. Jeffrey Hass, Center for Electronic and Computer Music Composer Title IU Call # Appleton, Jon Chef d'oeuvre LP-S .A6512 S8.1 Appleton, Jon Sydsing camklang Ashley, Robert Wolfman n/a Babbitt, Milton Philomel CD ZF.L104 Babbitt, Milton Ensembles for Synthesizer LP-S .C1313 S8.4/2 Babbitt, Milton Vision and Prayer CD .B1122 Ge Babbitt, Milton Phenomina CD .B1122 Ge-1 Badings, Henk Genese Forbidden Planet: Electronic film score Berio, Luciano Visage Berio, Luciano Thema: Omaggio a Joyce Berio, Luciano Momenti Cage, John Fontana Mix CD .C1313 S8.5-1 Cage, John Williams Mix n/a Cage, John Imaginary Landscape #2 CD .C1313 C1.1 Cage, John HPSCHD LP-S .C1313 S8.1 Chowning, John PhonÈ CD .C5537 Ge-1 Chowning, John

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babbitt, milton recordings Composition for Synthesizer (1960-1) Columbia ML5966,MS6566 Vision and Prayer, for soprano and synthesized accompaniment (1961
Babbitt, Milton - recordings Composition for Synthesizer (1960-1) Columbia: ML5966, MS6566 Vision and Prayer, for soprano and synthesized accompaniment (1961) found on: Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center Tenth Anniversary Celebration. New York: Composers Recordings, Inc., 1971. CRI SD 268. Ensembles for Synthesizer (1962-64) Columbia MS7051 Philomel, for soprano, recorded soprano, and synthesized tape (1963) AR 1

55. Milton Babbit Symposium (1997-1998 Concert Series At The Library Of Congress)
On Saturday, May 2, 1998 a symposium in honor of milton babbitt will be held inthe Coolidge Auditorium in the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress.
O n Saturday, May 2, 1998 a symposium in honor of Milton Babbitt will be held in the Coolidge Auditorium in the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress. Milton Babbitt is one of the most important composers and music theorists of the twentieth century. Born in Philadelphia on May 10, 1916, he was educated at the University of Pennsylvania (mathematics, 1931), New York University (music, 1932-35, B.A.), and Princeton University (music, M.F.A., 1942). At Princeton Mr. Babbitt was on the music faculty 1938-42 and 1948-60 and on the mathematics faculty 1943-45; he was named Conant Professor of Music at Princeton in 1960 and he has been Professor Emeritus there since 1981. He has also been on the composition faculty at the Juilliard School of Music since 1973. He has taught at Darmstadt, Tanglewood, Salzburg, and the New England Conservatory. Among numerous awards and honorary degrees, in 1982 he received a Pulitzer Prize Special Citation for life's work. Milton Babbitt is a long time friend of the Music Division in the Library of Congress. Beside having several of his own works premiered at the Library, since 1977 Mr. Babbitt has served on the Coolidge Foundation Committee, lending valuable assistance to the Music Division regarding commissioning of the works of other composers. Most recently, he agreed to donate his papers to the Library. The Babbitt collection will give a unique and valuable insight into many of the most important musical developments in our recent pastdevelopments Mr. Babbitt himself fostered. The symposium on May 2nd will concentrate on those developments with papers delivered by some of the most important musical scholars working today. Following is the program listing titles and abstracts.

56. Milton Babbitt (1916- )
milton babbitt. 1916. milton babbitt was born in Philadelphia in 1916. Hisfather was a mathematician, which influenced babbitt later in life.
Milton Babbitt Milton Babbitt was born in Philadelphia in 1916. His father was a mathematician, which influenced Babbitt later in life. He grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, learning the violin which he began at age four, and the clarinet and saxophone. When he was just fifteen years old, he graduated high school, and had developed ability as a jazz musician and pop music composer. In 1931, Babbitt enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania with the intention of studying mathematics as his father did. He soon found that he was more interested in composing music than studying math, and he transferred to New York University. Four years later, he received his bachelor's degree, studying and Stravinsky. Babbitt found the music that most interested him, though, when he discovered twelve tone music. After graduation, he began to take composition lessons with Roger Sessions and write music related articles. He identified the possibility of using electronic instruments in classical music. Babbitt began work on his graduate degree, becoming a member of the faculty in 1938 and receiving his degree in 1942. He was awarded the Joseph Bearns Prize for one of his compositions. During World War II, he worked both as a math professor at Princeton and a mathematician for the government. Babbitt worked on his compositional skills for the next few years, and in 1948, returned to the Princeton faculty. A year later, he won his first New York Critics Circle Citation for a composition entitled Composition for Four Instruments. A composer of twelve-tone music, Babbitt invented a technique known as combinatoriality, where segments of twelve-tone rows interact with segments of other rows with identical pitch classes. He also coined the terminology used in the discussion of twelve-tone music: pitch class, time point, and the five parameters of sound (pitch, duration

57. Milton_Babbitt, Mississippi Musician
milton babbitt's Life and Works on Mississippi Writers and MusiciansWeb Project. for most listeners. ( babbitt, milton Bryon. ).
Milton Babbitt
The Mississippi Writers and Musicians Project at Starkville High School
Picture from
Major Works
  • Generatrix for orchestra 1940- Composition for String Orchestra 1940- Music for the Mass I for mixed chorus 1941- Music for the Mass II Symphony String Trio Three Theatrical Songs for voice and piano Three Compositions for Piano 1948- Composition for Four Instruments String Quartet No. 1 1948; 54- Composition for Twelve Instruments 1949 -Film Music for Into the Good Ground 1950- Composition for Viola and Piano The Widow’s Lament in Springtime for soprano and piano Woodwind Quartet String Quartet No. 2 Vision and Prayer for soprano and piano 1955- Two Sonnets for baritone, clarinet, viola, and ‘cello 1956- Duet for piano 1956- Semi-Simple Variations for piano All Set for alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, contrabass, piano, vibraphone, and percussion 1957- Partitions for piano 1960- Sounds and Words for soprano and piano 1960- Composition for T enor and Six Instruments 1961- Composition for Synthesizer Vision and Prayer for soprano and synthesized tape Philomel for soprano, recorded soprano, synthesized tape
  • 58. Milton Babbitt : Biographie - Médiathèque De L'Ircam © 2003
    Translate this page milton babbitt biographie du compositeur, catalogue des oeuvres,disques, sites internet. milton babbitt biographie
    Milton Babbitt: biographie du compositeur, catalogue des oeuvres, disques, sites internet.

    59. Greg Sandow -- Looking Back: Philip Glass And Milton Babbitt
    A Wall Street Journal review of a wonderful Philip Glass retrospective, along apiano recital featuring works by milton babbitt, who in his own strange way
    The holidays can be a time for family reminiscences, and that's true even in music, which has its own kind of family life. Alan Feinberg, for instance, gave a brainy, brawny piano concert at the 92d Street Y in December, featuring works by some of the members of his own musical family. These happened to be atonal composers from what I used to call the "complicated music gang," people who ruled the small, contentious world of new classical music in New York during the '70s and '80s. Even when they made me itch, they were part of my own artistic community, and now that they've been dethroned, I wanted to hear them again. How do they sound, now that they've lost their power?
    Who woulda thunk it? Mr. Babbitt was the gang's most bristling theorist, a man whose name was never mentioned in the same sentence as the words "musical pleasure." Yet he's the one who didn't pale next to Chopin and Beethoven. Mr. Feinberg played three of his pieces, "Partitions," "Playing for Time" and something with a title that could have come from an e. e. cummings poem: "Minute

    60. - United States - New - Entertainment - Music - Genres - Classical - Co
    resource for United States New - Entertainment - Music - Genres - Classical Music- Composers - 20th Century - Composers AZ - Composers B - babbitt, milton.

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