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         Dillon James:     more books (102)
  1. Sweet Evil by James Dillon White, 1970
  3. Kelso No 1 Captain Kelso by James Dillon White, 1976
  4. Flamingo Lake by James Dillon White, 1954
  5. The quiet river by James Dillon White, 1953
  6. The Grass is Greener by James Dillon White, 1961
  7. Just So Many Words by James Dillon, 2009-10-08
  8. Young Mr. Kelso by James Dillon WHITE, 1963-01-01
  9. Kelso No 4 : A Wind in the Rigging by James Dillon White, 1977
  10. Summer has Gone by James Dillon White, 1967
  11. Strictly Strings, Book 1 - String Orchestra Method/Supplement by James Kjelland, and John O'Reilly Music by Jacquelyn Dillon, 1996-04-01
  12. Infrared spectroscopic atlas of polyurethanes: (including model compounds) by James G Dillon, 1989
  13. The Maggie: Based on Ealing Studios Michael Balcon film production " The Maggie " by James Dillon White, 1954
  14. Strictly Strings: A Comprehensive String Method: Teacher's Manual & Score/ Book 2 by James Kjelland, & John O'Reilly Jacquelyn Dillon, 1993

61. On Roger Kelso As Told By James Dillon White
On Roger Kelso as told by james dillon White, Young Mister Kelso (),Kelso of the Paragon (), Kelso commands the frigate Paragon of, Roger&author=White, James

62. James Dillon
Introducing. . . james E. dillon. Principal Lynnwood Elementary School,8 Regina Drive Schenectady, NY 12303
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Introducing. . .
James E. Dillon
Lynnwood Elementary School,
8 Regina Drive
Schenectady, NY 12303
I have been an elementary school principal for five years and an administrator for eight years. I am a member of our district's technology committee. Our district has a strong and progressive curriculum and instructional program. Our challenge is to integrate technology into that program in a way that supports the learning of all students. We are also interested in having all staff come to view and use technology as a teaching tool. I am married with four children and enjoy reading, gardening, cycling, and baseball.

63. Grateful Dead Family Discography - James Dillon 1: Ignis Noster / Helle Nacht
track listing musicians other credits. james dillon 1 ignis noster / helleNacht. james dillon BBC Symphony Orchestra. Initial release 199?
track listing musicians other credits
James Dillon 1: ignis noster / helle Nacht
James Dillon
BBC Symphony Orchestra
Initial release : 199?
Montaigne Auvidis MO 782038
This recording of two orchestral works by the Scottish composer Dillon was partly funded by the Rex Foundation.
Track listing
  • ignis noster
  • helle Nacht
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  • BBC Symphony Orchestra
  • Conductor - Arturo Tamayo
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64. Dillon, Mr. James A.
dillon, Mr. james A. University Police Police Sergeant Phone (915)9422071, OfficeUniversity Police Building. Email
D illon , M r . J ames A.
University Police
Police Sergeant
Phone: Office: University Police Building.

65. James T. Dillon, NYS’s Chief Information Officer, Visits ORPS To Discuss Future
2002 Volume 2 Issue 7. james T. dillon, NYS’s Chief Information Officer,Visits ORPS to discuss future of RPS. On June 6, New York

Monthly updates and news for the assessment community from the New York State Office of Real Property Services
July 2002
Volume 2 Issue 7
James T. Dillon, NYS’s Chief Information Officer, Visits ORPS to discuss future of RPS On June 6, New York State’s first Chief Information Officer (CIO) met with the RPS Governance Group at the ORPS Albany headquarters. James T. Dillon was appointed by Governor Pataki in January to oversee the State Office for Technology and direct New York in all technology matters. “Our new Chief Information Officer will play a key role in developing a highly coordinated, effective and user-friendly information technology program for the people of New York State,” Governor Pataki remarked at that time. The RPS Governance Group invited Mr. Dillon to meet with them to discuss the future of the Real Property System (RPS) software and its associated databases. County and local governments have discovered that the parcel level data associated with RPS is useful for a number of functions that are not directly associated with assessment administration. In fact, it was just recently that ORPS realized the breadth to which the RPS database was supporting agencies outside of the assessment arena. The non-assessment uses of RPS, which generally are encompassed in geographic information systems (GIS), include:

66. JSU Resident Student Directory
John W. Dixon Residence Hall * dillon, Erica R. WEB DuBoisHonors Dormitory * dillon, james A. Stewart Hall

67. Drugstore Cowboy (1989) - Matt Dillon, Kelly Lynch, James Le Gros
Special Edition DVD Retail $14.98 Available 2/18/03 Remind Me! We don'tsell movies. See how to buy movies listed on our site. when
VideoETA Search By Month News ... Mailing List Sunday, Mar 23 Special Edition DVD
Retail $14.98
Released 2/18/03 EP VHS
Retail $9.98
Released 3/18/03 We don't sell movies. See how to buy movies listed on our site.
Drugstore Cowboy
Year: Starring: Matt Dillon
Kelly Lynch

James Le Gros

Heather Graham
William Burroughs

Director: Gus Van Sant
Genre: Drama Rating: R Length: 101 Minutes When will [FILL IN THE BLANK] be on video? 100 Women 101 Reykjavik 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea 2002 British Open 25th Hour 3-2-1 Penguins: Doom Funnel Rescue 3-2-1 Penguins: Moon Menace On Planet Tell-A-Lie 30 Day Subliminal Stop Smoking Program 30 Day Subliminal Weight Loss Program The 4th Tenor Abar Black Superman About Schmidt Adam Sandler's 8 Crazy Nights Adaptation Adventures In Odyssey: Baby Daze Adventures In Odyssey: Fine Feathered Frenzy Adventures In Odyssey: Flight To The Finish Adventures In Odyssey: In Harm's Way Adventures In Odyssey: Once Upon An Avalanche Adventures In Odyssey: Twist In Time The Adventures Of Antoine Doinel The Agatha Christie Mysteries Agent Cody Banks Alice Cooper All The Love You Cannes All The Queen's Men All The Real Girls Alucarda American Adobo American College Girls Going Crazy #1 American College Girls Going Crazy #2 American Etiquette For A Formal Party American Experience: Seabiscuit American Family: The Complete First Season American Film Theatre: Box Set 1 American Mullet Amor De Hombre Analyze That Anarchists Anastasia / Pocahantas Andromeda: Season 2, Volume 1

Covering the Courts and The Writers Art by james J. Kilpatrick. HOW SPEEDY IS 'SPEEDY'?Martin dillon died of a gunshot wound to the chest on June 2, 1976.
The InsideVC Network: Autos New Homes Homes Classifieds ... Columnists Opinion Info:
Letter Guidelines

Where to Write

Star Editorial Board

Ted Rall

More Columns:
Ann Coulter

Column of the Americas

Georgia Anne Geyer

Ted Rall
... Mary McGrory
Covering the Courts and The Writers Art by James J. Kilpatrick RULE NO. 1 FOR WRITERS A couple of years ago, The Associated Press provided an item from the Census Bureau about a significant increase in the number of births. The increase reflected growth in the number of women entering childbearing years. Said the AP: "These daughters of early baby boomers are having their own kids, but getting married first is not necessarily a perquisite to becoming a mother, the report shows." Now, the author of that story didn't mean "perquisite." The word he wanted was "prerequisite," but his mind wandered away to thoughts of missing a putt, and the item went out on the wire. Pay attention! Let not the mind wander! Do not miss putts! These are the foremost rules for writers who write for publication. I should know. Two weeks ago in this column I remarked upon a story appearing in the Corvallis (Wash.) Gazette-Times. Corvallis is not in Wash. It is in Ore. All 12,000 readers of the Gazette-Times, including Mayor Helen M. Berg, sent me e-mails of remonstrance and rebuke. In that same column I confidently noted that the verb "to lay" is declined straightforwardly. Verbs are never declined. Nouns, pronouns, adjectives and invitations are declined, but verbs are only conjugated. Conjugated, sir! It was a bad hair day.

69. TV Guide Online - [ShowGuide]
son's death. Matt Gets It Marshall Matt dillon (james Arness) is forcedto shoot it out with a gunhappy outlaw. The Jailer Bette

70. The Film Marked The Directing Debut For Matt Dillon Who Also Co-wrote And Starre
Producer Rony Yacov Cinematographer - Jim Denault Production Design - David BrisbinStarring Matt dillon, james Caan, Gerard Depardieu Natasha McElhone
Last Updated
February 26, 2003
City of Ghosts
City of Ghosts was shot in Thailand and Cambodia from January to April, 2001. The film marked the directing debut for Matt Dillon who also co-wrote and starred in the film. Living Films was the sole coordinating company involved in the production of City of Ghosts in Thailand. Living Films meanwhile provided logistics and support from Thailand for the shooting in Cambodia, including all Thai crew (over 35 positions) local talent (over 30 roles) and equipment. City of Ghosts is set to be released in April, 2003. The story is about a con-man (Matt Dillon) who travels to Thailand and Cambodia (he's also on the run from law enforcement in the U.S.) to collect his share in an insurance scam from his former partner (James Caan), but discovers more than he bargained for... City of Ghosts was produced by Kintop Pictures in Los Angeles and is being distributed through MGM.

71. The Whalers' Heritage Project - Searches
dillon, james My greatgrandfather, james dillon was born in Pictou,Nova Scotia and went to sea as a cabin boy in 1831. He became
The Whalers' Heritage Project
Home page
Whalers currently being searched for
(when replying to any of these searches, please also cc. BUCHANAN-DICK, Mac
My great uncle Mac Buchanan-Dick was 3rd engineer on the whaler Beaver out of Beira some time during March 1924. Can you suggest any web sites I could access to get more information? I have tried some South African web sites but I have had no luck as yet. Any ideas?
Contact Carol Grant at DILLON, James
My great-grandfather, James Dillon was born in Pictou, Nova Scotia and went to sea as a cabin boy in 1831. He became a first mate but never captain because of the lack of education. He sailed in whaling ships and said that he had been in every port in the world several times. His "Mariners Register Ticket ... No. of Ticket 386,908 ... Capacity Mate ... Issued by Registrar of Seaman in London on the 13 Aug. 18 [date not legible]." He settled in Indiana and always said that he came from New Bedford, MA. Would you have any suggestions as to how I can find information about him.
Contact Carrol F. Dillon at

72. James H. Dillon. New York State Family Court Judge For Erie County. WNYRIN
james H. dillon is the Family Court Judge in the NewYork State Family Court, Erie County. Contact WNYRIN.......
DB Search
James H. Dillon
Buffalo, NY 14202
Description: James H. Dillon is the Family Court Judge in the New York State Family Court, Erie County
Contact WNYRIN Western New York Regional Information Network, a program of the
at the

73. James Arness (Gunsmoke's Marshall Dillon)
I'd gotten a Fanner '50 sixgun the previous Christmas so when it was announcedthat Gunsmoke's Marshal Matt dillon (james Arness) would be at the Sikeston
Home Employees Performers Programs ... Links Marshal Dillon I'd gotten a Fanner '50 six-gun the previous Christmas so when it was announced that Gunsmoke's Marshal Matt Dillon (James Arness) would be at the Sikeston Bootheel Rodeo, I was ready to ride. KBOA News Director John Reeder came up with the idea of having a couple of youngsters interview The Marshal. Craig Watson (right) and I got the call because we were seasoned interviewers and our fathers worked at the station. Home Employees Performers Programs ... Images

74. Brisbois Family Photo Gallery
Michael and Catherine dillon james Brisbois John Brisbois NicholasM. Brisbois and Anne McDonald. Michael and Catherine dillon

Michael and Catherine Dillon
James Brisbois John Brisbois Nicholas M. Brisbois and Anne McDonald
Michael and Catherine Dillon; Tralee, Ireland; late-1800's.
Grand-parents of Winifred (Duignan) Brisbois, Catherine Duignan, Maurice Dillon, and others.
James Brisbois (4th from right with x on cap) (brother of Nicholas M. Brisbois) with his baseball team.
John Brisbois (uncle of Nicholas M. Brisbois) and family, Luxembourg, late 1800's
"John Brisbois - Station Master for Belgium Gov't Railway system. Briz's Father's brother. His five sons were all civil engineers. Did not regain contact after First World War." Here's a reference to the photo (apparently never returned) in a letter to Nicholas M. Brisbois from his sister Anne.
Nicholas M. "Briz" Brisbois with his niece, Mary McDonald (van der Meulen) and her parents, Ranald McDonald [brother-in-law] and Anne (Brisbois) McDonald [sister] , and wife Winifred "Winnie" (Duignan) Brisbois in Stockton, CA, Sept. 1928.
Briz and Winnie were married September 15, 1928. Anne and Ranald came out for the wedding and brought their youngest child, 12 year-old Mary, along for the trip.
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75. James Dillon, Realtor For Dickman Realty
back to agents roster . james dillon Office (813) 6453211 Home(813) 633-9427 Cell (813)220-9657 The
305 US HWY 41 · Ruskin, FL 33570 · (813)645-3211 Home Page Agents Property Listings Request Information ... back to agents roster
James Dillon
Office: (813) 645-3211
Home: (813) 633-9427
Cell: (813)220-9657
j The Oldest New Realtor in the Industry!

305 Hwy. 41 North
Ruskin, Florida 33570
Problems or Comments about this site should be addressed
to the Webmaster:

76. GedBrowser
list an Eddie dillon who died in Grayson Co, TX on 1201-1966. It also gives themiddle name Kay -don't know yet if this is our man. james Crittington Long.
Bill Holbrook
Bill Holbrook birt:
Gladys Mae Belshe

birt: 12 JUN 1925
plac: Cement, OK
List of Individuals List of Surnames
Created by GEDBrowser
Leo Walker
Leo Walker birt: 15 JUL 1924
Gladys Mae Belshe
marr: 10 SEP 1994 birt: 12 JUN 1925 plac: Cement, OK deat: Map List of Individuals List of Surnames Created by GEDBrowser
Edgar "Eddie" Dillon
Eddie Lee Dillon Gladys Dillon Ruth Dillon Mary Evelyn Dillon ... Dorothy Dillon Edgar "Eddie" Dillon birt: 1884 plac: AR deat: East Texas Mary Elizabeth "Bessie" Medlin marr: BEF. 1910 birt: 28 SEP 1882 plac: AR deat: 15 JAN 1982 plac: Modesto, Stanislaus Co, CA Map List of Individuals List of Surnames Created by GEDBrowser
I found Eddie and Bessie in Denton Co, TX in the 1910 census7916539 Tx Death Records list an Eddie Dillon who died in Grayson Co, TX on 12-01-1966. It also gives the middle name "Kay"-don't know yet if this is our man.
James Crittington Long
Edmund (Edwin) A. Long Zelma Long John Albert Long Author William Long ... Eliza Reitzell James Crittington Long birt: 11 DEC 1860 plac: TX deat: 28 JAN 1923 Elizabeth C. McGuire

(578) (579) (580) He died on 5 Jan 1929 in Wilson County, TN. (55) (581)Parents james dillon and Katharine WORD. (76) Parents james dillon Jr.
James A DILLON Jr. James had four daughters as of 1992.
James A. Dillon Jr. has researched his families genealogy for many years. A significant portion of the descendants of Henry Dillon and Mary Byrn are available on this site as a result of his work. This branch of the family is the oldest intersection with my lines to date. (Danny Dillon) Parents: James Audie DILLON and Sarah Elizabeth LESTER James A. DILLON was born in 1855 in OH. He died in 1946. He was buried in Perkins Ridge Cemerery, Windsor Townplace, Lawrence County, OH. Parents: Squire Jerimiah DILLON Jr. and Mary E. J. THORNTON He was married to Martha JONES Children were: Lasco DILLON Squire DILLON Lizzie DILLON Joe DILLON ... Lila DILLON James A. DILLON was born on 26 Jan 1857. He died about 1863. Parents: Meredith DILLON Jr. and Sarah H. LEMON James Addison DILLON was born on 21 Sep 1882 in Monroe County, WV. He died on 13 Jul 1961 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, OK. Parents: James William DILLON and Margaret Matilda SKAGGS He was married to Addie Sophronia RAY about 15 Aug 1907.

james dillon was born about 1861 in Monroe County, WV. james dillon was born in1726 in Goochland County, VA. (12) Parents Thomas dillon and Mary .
Irvin DILLON (Private). Parents: John William DILLON and Sarah Jane MCCOMAS Isaac DILLON was born on 22 Sep 1868 in Raleigh County, WV. He died on 28 May 1953. Parents: Wright DILLON Sr. and Elizabeth Jane DILLON He was married to Olive May HAUNTZ on 26 Sep 1894 in Madison County, OH. Children were: Walter DILLON Helen Gertrude DILLON Mary Elizabeth DILLON Unnamed DILLON ... Mildred DILLON Isaac DILLON was born on 2 Mar 1858 in Scottown, Windsor Townplace, Lawrence County, OH. He died on 23 Apr 1935 in Portersville, Lincoln County, WV. He was buried in Curry Chapel Cemetery, Portersville, Lincoln County, WV. He was also known as Ike. Parents: Creed C. DILLON and Abigail Rebecca SMITH He was married to Julia Ann THOMPSON on 8 Jun 1879. Children were: Joshua Clay DILLON Benjamin Harrison DILLON Joseph Sair DILLON Oscar DILLON ... Goldie B. DILLON Isaac DILLON was born on 11 Jun 1835 in Monroe County, OH. He died on 30 Oct 1893 in Worth County, MO. He served in the military. He was a Civil War veteran. He was a member of Company E, 2nd Kansas Cavalry. He was at the battle of Lawrence, Kansas, after the burning of that place by Quantrell. He was taken prisoner near Sulphur Springs, Arkansas, by Kirby Smith. He was also wounded in the elbow and right arm at the same time, which made him a cripple for life. He was in prison in Shreveport, three months; from there he was removed to Camp Ford, Texas, where he was held ten months, and from there was set to Ft. Leavenworth, where he was mustered out. He endured many hardships. He resided in Worth County, MO.

79. Antony James Dillon Turner
Antony Turner. Antony james dillon Turner. Born 19 September 1907,Abbottabad, NorthWest Frontier Province Died 4 October 1959, Accra

80. City Of Ghosts (2002)
City of Ghosts (2002) Starring Matt dillon, james Caan Director Matt dillon SynopsisGlobetrotting suspense thriller about a con man who evades the American

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