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  1. Psychological & Biological Foundations Of Dream-Interpretation (International Library of Psychology) by LowySamuel, 1999-07-31
  2. Threats To Optimal Development: Integrating Biological, Psychological, and Social Risk Factors: the Minnesota Symposia on Child Psychology, Volume 27 (Minnesota Symposia on Child Psychology Series)
  3. Beyond the Therapeutic Relationship: Behavioral, Biological, and Cognitive Foundations of Psychotherapy (Advances in Psychology and Mental Health) by Frank De Piano, Frederick J Leger, 1997-12-23
  4. Young Children's Thinking about Biological World (Essays in Developmental Psychology) by Giyoo Hatano, Kayoko Inagaki, 2002-04-12
  5. Developmental Plasticity: Behavioral and Biological Aspects of Variations in Development (Developmental psychology series) by Eugene Gollin, 1981-06
  6. Biological Psychology - Ninth Edition - Text Only by James W. Kalat, 2007
  7. Biological Rhythms, Sleep and Hypnosis (Palgrave Insights in Psychology) by Simon Green, 2011-02-15
  8. Awareness: Biorhythms, Sleep and Dreaming (Routledge Modular Psychology) by Evie Bentley, 1999-11-11
  9. Biological-Psychosocial Interactions in Early Adolescence: A Life-Span Perspective (Child Psychology)
  10. Psychology And Industrial Efficiency - Hugo Muensterberg by Hugo Muensterberg, 2010-02-03
  11. The Wonders Of Instinct Chapters In The Psychology Of Insects - J H Fabre by J H Fabre, 2010-02-03
  12. New Horizons in Biological Dosimetry: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Trends in Biological Dosimetry, Held in Lerici, Italy, October 2 (Progress in Clinical and Biological Research) by Barton L. Gledhill, Francesco Mauro, 1991-08
  13. The Biological Basis of Human Behavior: A Critical Review (2nd Edition) by Robert W. Sussman, 1998-11-05
  14. Psychology and Industrial Efficiency by HUGO M√úNSTERBERG, 2009-05-27

81. Biological Psychology: Lecture Notes
Physiological (Biological) Psychology. Lecturer Simon Gadbois. Lastupdate Saturday, January 18, 2003. Sections (links are not activated
Physiological (Biological) Psychology Lecturer: Simon Gadbois Last update: Saturday, January 18, 2003 Sections (links are not activated until classes start) Chapters
  • Introduction and History Basic Neuroanatomy Basic Neurophysiology
Destination... Simon Gadbois Index in English Teaching resources ETHOPSY in English MacScience

82. SP303 General And Biological Psychology
page. General and biological psychology (30 credits). Module SP303. DrToby LloydJones. Level C - Michaelmas and Lent - Stage 1. Psychology
General and Biological Psychology
(30 credits)
Dr Toby Lloyd-Jones
Level C - Michaelmas and Lent - Stage 1
Method of assessment : 20% coursework (3 essays); 80% written examination (2 hour examination).
ECTS credits: 15.
Reading List Main text: Gleitman, H. (1993). Psychology. (4th ed.). New York: Norton. Other important texts: Cognitive Psychology: A Student's Handbook . London: Erlbaum.
Ashcraft, M.H. (1994). Human Memory and Cognition . Harper Collins.
Further information and additional resources
Module outline
Online Resources
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83. Electronic Journals - Biological Psychology
Comments or Problems?biological psychology. Publisher Elsevier.ISSN 03010511. This title is available to current University of

Europe, Saxony, University of Technology Chemnitz, Department of Psychology,General and biological psychology, Prof. Dr. Udo Rudolph.
office chair staff contact
University of Technology Chemnitz
Department of Psychology

Mrs. A. Koch, Room 208 C
43, Wilhelm-Raabe-Strasse
D-09120 Chemnitz
Germany, EU m@il:
fon: +49 (0)371 531 6392
fax: +49 (0)371 531 6333 webmaster

85. Biological Psychology
biological psychology (PSYC0022). Lecturer Dr. KL Kong. Tutorial CoordinatorMr. Kenneth Hon ( Time, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri. 0930-1020,
Biological Psychology (PSYC0022) Lecturer : Dr. K.L. Kong Tutorial Co-ordinator: Mr. Kenneth Hon ( Time Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Tutorial (K628C) Tutorial (K628C) Tutorial (K628C) Tutorial (K628C) Lecture (LE4) Tutorial (K628C) Tutorial (K628C) Lecture (LE4) Tutorial (K628C) Tutorial (K628C) Tutorial (K628C) Tutorial (K628C) Tutorial (K628C)

86. From The Annals Of Biological Psychology
consultant in the field of leadership development. From the annals ofbiological psychology (March 1999 Issue). By Alan Bodnar, Ph.D.
Alan Bodnar, Ph.D. is the Co-Director of Psychology Training at Westborough State Hospital and a consultant in the field of leadership development. From the annals of biological psychology
(March 1999 Issue)
By Alan Bodnar, Ph.D.
Just when we thought we had discovered the golden age of biological psychology, a signed first edition of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven and Other Poems turns up at a local yard sale. The inscription reads, "To George You were right all along. What could I have been thinking? Fondly, E.A.P." When the tattered volume is opened, a letter flutters to the ground.
March 1, 1832
Dear George,
Please forgive me for not writing sooner. As my publisher, you are certainly due an explanation for my failure to deliver the completed manuscript of The Raven, some early lines of which I sent you September last. It is hard to believe that I have written not a word in six months, yet in this time, I have experienced a profound change in my emotional state, indeed, in my very outlook on life.
This remarkable transformation is due in no small measure to the ministrations of my friend and physician, Dr. Josiah Seroton of Blossom Street. To address my melancholic disposition, Dr. Seroton administered a remedy which has proved to be nothing less than miraculous in its efficacy.

87. PSY3320 Biological Psychology
PSY 3320 biological psychology Gerald HenkelJohnson. How to reach meOffice Tower 3648 Phone (218) 723-6023
PSY 3320 Biological Psychology Gerald Henkel-Johnson How to reach me:
Tower 3648
    The content and opinions expressed here belong to the author and are not necessarily endorsed by the College of St. Scholastica. The College accepts no responsibility for the contents of these home pages. This page created by Shelly Pierson. Last updated on 9/23/99. (cmj)

88. Biological Anthropology @ UCLA
Graduate program focusing on evolutionary theory, primate behavior, hominid evolution, and evolutionary psychology and ecology. Features faculty interests and current research.
Human beings are the products of millions of years of evolution by natural selection. Sometime in the last 5 million years, natural selection created a creature with a very large brain that walked upright, was adept at making and using tools, developed language, and came to rely heavily on imitation, social learning, and culture. Biological anthropologists study all facets of this process. Biological anthropology is interesting and important because an evolutionary perspective provides a rich source of insight about why we are the way we are. The program in biological anthropology at UCLA focuses on four areas of research:
  • Evolutionary theory: Mathematical studies of how evolutionary processes work. Primate Behavior: Field studies of free ranging primates that aim to show how natural selection has molded the bodies and behavior of our closest living relatives. Hominid Evolution: Studies of the fossil and archaeological record which help us understand the ecological and social factors that have shaped human evolutionary history. Evolutionary psychology and ecology: Field and laboratory studies of of contemporary human psychology and behavior rooted in the evolutionary paradigm.

89. Peter R. Breggin And Psychiatric Drug Facts
Peter R. Breggin, M.D. founded The International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and psychology (ICSPP) as a nonprofit research and educational network 25 years ago and warns the media and the public about the potential dangers of drugs, electroshock, psychosurgery, and the biological theories of psychiatry.
Psychiatric Drug Facts
Peter R. Breggin, M.D.
What your doctor may not know about:
How psychiatric drugs really work
Adverse drug effects on the brain and mind
The role of the FDA
Drug company practices
Recent medical and legal developments
Electroshock and psychosurgery
Last updated February 28th, 2003 CHANGE OF ADDRESS FOR THE BREGGINS
Peter R. Breggin, M.D. and Ginger Breggin
101 East State Street, PMB 112
Ithaca, New York 14850-5543 Phone: 607 272 5328 Fax: 607 272 5329 Dr. Breggin is not retiring. From his Ithaca, New York office he continues to see patients, and to provide clinical and forensic consultations. Peter R. Breggin, M.D. began in the full time private practice of psychiatry in 1968. Dr. Breggin has been informing the professions, media and the public about the potential dangers of drugs, electroshock, psychosurgery, involuntary treatment, and the biological theories of psychiatry for over three decades. He is the author of dozens of scientific articles and more than fifteen professional books about psychiatric medication, the FDA and drug approval process, the evaluation of clinical trials, and standards of care in psychiatry and related fields.

90. Department Of Psychology, University At Buffalo, SUNY
Offers undergraduate, Master's, and PhD programs in psychology. Graduate degrees specialize in clinical, biological, cognitive, and socialpersonality psychology.
Department of Psychology
Behavioral Neuroscience

Clinical Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

Social-Personality Psychology
Park Hall
Room 206
Buffalo, NY 14260-4110
Phone: (716) 645-3650
Fax: (716) 645-3801
.. dedicated to increasing the scientific understanding of mind and the behavior of individuals, groups, and social systems...
Vision Statement
SITE INDEX Psychological Services Center The Graduate School

91. Columbia University Psychology Department Home Page
The undergraduate major in Neuroscience and Behavior is a joint effort with the Department of biological Sciences. All students majoring in psychology have opportunities to explore these main areas cognition, psychobiology/neuroscience, and sensation and perception.
Columbia University Department of Psychology ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT
Department Directory

Research Labs

Instructional Labs

Psychology Library
Course Offerings

Departmental Colloquia

Cognitive Lunch
Social Snack
University Seminars
Student Organizations
Major in Psych Postbac Psychology Program Applying to Grad School GRADUATE PROGRAM The Psychology Ph.D. Program GSAS Bulletin: Psychology GSAS Admissions Information Download an application ... TA Manual COLUMBIA LINKS CU Home Page Directories SSOL CourseWorks ... Registrar OTHER RESOURCES CPMC NYSPI Psych at Barnard TC NYU Psych Worldwide APS PsychWeb Psychology Links New York City Links ... Paradox
Department of Psychology 406 Schermerhorn Hall Columbia University 1190 Amsterdam Avenue, Mail Code 5501 New York City, NY 10027

92. Engelsk Forside
Information about research, teaching and staff.
University of Bergen Faculty of Psychology
Department of Biological and Medical Psychology
Aarstadveien 21, 5009 Bergen, Norway
Norwegian version Please select among the following links:



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93. Tufts Department Of Psychology Site Guide
Much of the research being conducted in the Department of psychology centers on biological, developmental and cognitive psychology as well as human factors/engineering.
Search Site Spotlight
Babies and Emotional Cues Music and the Brain The Color
of Bias

Click here for information about the faculty and graduate student areas of research, and meet our department staff. Undergraduate Program
Thinking about Psychology as a major? Click here to learn about your options and the required course of study. Check out the new website for the Tufts Psychology Society and our Awards Page Graduate Program
Thinking about graduate school? Click here to learn about our M.S./Ph.D. program in Experimental Psychology with emphases in Biological, Cognitive, Developmental, Psychopathological, and Social Psychology. Courses
Click here f or a schedule of courses offered in the current and in past semesters. Department Events
Click here for information about colloquia, activities, awards, and other events. Psychology Links
View general psychology-related sites, information on how to apply to graduate programs, and funding resources on the Web. Department of Psychology Tufts University The Psychology Building 490 Boston Ave.

94. Welcome To The Faculty Of Science
has departments schools, biological, chemistry, computer science, environmental marine, food science, forensic science, geography, geology, mathematics, optometry vision, pharmacology, physics, physiology, psychology, sport exercise science, statistics.
QUICKLINKS New Programmes
2002 Prospectus

Staff Search

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Faculty Office

Contact Address


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95. Rochester In Sussex
A oneyear student exchange program offered by the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and the University of Sussex at Brighton, England, and its Experimental psychology program in the School of biological Sciences.
Rochester in Sussex Unique Study Abroad Opportunity WHY SUSSEX?
  • A research university ranked in the top 10 in the UK
  • An international community with a cosmopolitan, multi-cultural flavor
  • A lively student town Brighton is a major seaside resort with lots of shops and entertainment, with easy access to London and to other parts of Britain and the Continent.
The year abroad exchange program with Sussex allows students in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at Rochester an opportunity to broaden their academic and cultural horizons by spending a year in Britain while still pursuing their BCS curriculum and taking courses that supplement that course of study. Sussex is made up of several schools, so courses are exceptionally interdisciplinary in nature. The School of Biologyical Sciences, theough its Experimental Psychology program, offers a program of study essentially equivalent to that offered by Rochester's Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Experimental Psychology at Susex is an internationally known center of excellence in teaching and research in the study of behavior as a natural science.

96. Georg Schulze Web Page
Motivational psychology from an engineering perspective with biological contraints. Behavioral modeling. Resonance Raman spectroscopy of neurotransmitters. Artificial neural networks.
Georg Schulze
Biotechnology Laboratory
6174 University Boulevard
Vancouver, BC

Site Map
Research Interests

UV Resonance Raman Spectroscoy
Fiber-Optic Probes/Biosensors
Digital Signal Processing
Artificial Neural Networks Theoretical Models of Behavior Entropy as Evolutionary Driving Force Communications Peer-reviewed Publications Other Publications In Progress ... Teaching Psychology 307/361 Motivation Other For inquiries, please contact Return to View UBC Last Updated: 6 April 2002 URL:

97. SALMON Study And Learning Materials ON-line For Physiological
The award winning SALMON web site which contains support material for courses taught by Dr Paul Kenyon Category Science Social Sciences psychology Evolutionary psychology...... material for courses taught by Dr Paul Kenyon in the Department of psychology,University of PSY128 biological Bases of Behaviour Lecture support material.

98. Departmental Information
Applied psychology University of Durham, Queens Campus, Biologicalpsychology, Module Overview. The aim is to introduce students to
Applied Psychology
University of Durham, Queens Campus
Biological Psychology Module Overview The aim is to introduce students to the structure and function of the nervous system and demonstrate the relevance of the biological approach in psychology. By the end of the module, students should be acquainted with some of the main principles of behavioural neuroscience.
Lecture Notes and Information

Departmental Information
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