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         Scientology:     more books (114)
  1. Scientology O-8: The book of basics by L. Ron Hubbard, 1970
  2. THE PROBLEMS OF WORK. Scientology Applied to the Work-a-Day World. by L. Ron: Hubbard, 1972
  3. What is Scientology? Based on the Works of L. Ron Hubbard by Church of Scientology of California, 1978
  4. How to Resolve Conflicts (Practical Scientology Handbook) by L Ron Hubbard, 1997-10
  5. Basic Dictionary of Dianetics and Scientology -1986 publication. by Hubbard, 1986
  6. Tools for the Workplace (From the Scientology Handbook) by L. Ron Hubbard, 2001
  7. Truth About Scientology by Trevor Meldal-Johnsen, Patrick Lusey, 1981-05-01
  8. Verfuhrung statt Erleuchtung: Sekten, Scientology, Esoterik (Schriften der Katholischen Akademie in Bayern) (German Edition)
  9. Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought (Swedish) (Swedish Edition) by L. Ron Hubbard, 2007-11-01
  10. Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought (Dutch) (Dutch Edition) by L. Ron Hubbard, 2007-11-01
  11. Scientology: A New Slant on Life (Danish) (Danish Edition) by L. Ron Hubbard, 2007-11-01
  12. Scientology, Magie des 20. Jahrhunderts (German Edition) by Friedrich-Wilhelm Haack, 1982
  13. Scientology by L.R. Hubbard, 1993-10-10
  14. Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought (Danish) (Danish Edition) by L. Ron Hubbard, 2007-11-01

81. Scientology/World Institute Of Scientology Enterprises/WISE
With the purpose of helping groups in the public and private sectors through the administrative technolo Category Society Religion and Spirituality Organizations......World Institute of scientology Enterprises, WISE L. Ron Hubbard administrativetechnology, alternative conflict resolution. scientology Related Sites Icon
Welcome to the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises
If Scientologists are to survive in this world, L. Ron Hubbard explained, they must see to the survival of all men. They must dedicate themselves to the eradication of injustice, constantly work to raise levels of ethics and restore sanity in all sectors of society.
What's New?
World Institute of Scientology Enterprises International
Tools for the Workplace
L. Ron Hubbard

Related Sites
World Institute of Scientology Enterprises Offices to Contact

Survey about this Scientology site
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For Trademark Information

82. Scientology, The Practice Of
Describes scientology spiritual counselling, and how scientology training and counsellinghelp overcome stress and unwanted emotion, and increase personal
Scientology Spiritual Counselling
This site provides an overview of Scientology spiritual counselling. It covers the principles this counselling is based on, how a Scientology counselling session is conducted and why it works. Scientology spiritual counselling is called auditing . It is the central practice of the Scientology religion . Auditing is delivered by an auditor (from the Latin word audire The goal of Scientology auditing is to restore individual ability. You are invited to learn about Scientology, how the E-Meter works and how Scientology auditing can help you achieve a better life.
Table of Contents
for the Practice of Scientology
The Practice of Scientology A Description of Auditing The Importance of Communication The E-Meter ... auditor : a person trained and qualified in applying Dianetics and/or Scientology processes and procedures to individuals for their betterment; called an auditor because auditor means one who listens.
Practice of Scientology Homepage Next
Scientology Helping Children

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What is Scientology
Scientology: Anti-Drug Index Scientology in Europe
Scientology Spokesperson
... Scientology in D.C.

83. Das Ziel Der Scientology
Die Gradkarte ist ein œberblick ¼ber die Br¼cke zur geistigen Freiheit , d.h. die einzelnen Stufen, die ein Scientologe der Reihe nach durchl¤uft. Mit Link zu einem Bild in Originalgr¶Ÿe.
dritten Teil
Links Glossar ...
(Italiano) Scientology (Deutsch) Scientologie
Scientology Auditing Scientology Einführungsdienste ... Informationen über Scientology

84. Scientology Parishioners | Scientologist On-line
Contact him or her about scientology or to get help. MEET OVER 16,000 SCIENTOLOGISTSONLINE. 2000-2003 Church of scientology International.
And find out what they have gained from Scientology applied religious philosophy and Dianetics spiritual healing technology.
More Scientology Sites
Contact Personality Test More Information ... For Trademark Information on Scientology Services.

85. Scientology/Drug Information/Church Of Scientology
Church of scientology, drug information, drug education and drug prevention programs. Churchof scientology International Presents Effective Drug Solutions.
Church of Scientology International Presents Effective Drug Solutions
Recognizing that we are all involved in the war on drugs, and that it can really only be won on a one on one basis, the Church of Scientology International has created this web site, featuring an on-line copy of the booklet Freeing Society from Drugs . This booklet provides vital information on the underlying causes of the drug problem and effective programs to help prevent and check the spread of this epidemic.
Freeing Society from
SOLUTIONS for a polluted and drugged world


VALIDATION by independent studies

Community DRUG PREVENTION Programs
Toward a DRUG-FREE Civilization
Essays on the Drug Problem
L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion, did extensive research into the cause and remedies of drug problems. He described his breakthrough in the following essay.
In an article from 1969, Mr. Hubbard described the launch of a social application of his drug rehabilitation technology.
Concerned about the effects of drugs on the individual and the culture, Scientologists and Scientology churches are very active in working to handle drug problems in their communities.

86. Scientology Volunteer Ministers/Church Of Scientology
Profiles group that has assisted in the aftermath of earthquakes, floods, fires and explosions, helping Category Society Religion and Spirituality Organizations......Suffering from worries, sorrow, grief or fear, whatever the problem, a scientologyVolunteer Minister can provide practical help. Church of scientology.

Site Map
We're here to help you 1 800 HELP 4 YU
SCIENTOLOGY VOLUNTEER MINISTERS IN THE SPOTLIGHT When a man fainted in the Miami airport recently, a new graduate of the Scientology Volunteer Minister training program happened to be nearby waiting for a flight...
more... Scientology Volunteer Ministers mobilized immediately after the fires started in Australia. Their first action was to cook breakfast for 400 firefighters in a community hall relief station near Sydney.
more... John Travolta awards Scientology Volunteer Ministers from Ground Zero
more... President Bush calls for every American to volunteer.
Whether you are suffering from worries, sorrow or fear, are upset, or simply just want to talk to someone, we are always here to listen and understand and provide practical help. children personal conflict, anguish or upset and emotional shock substance abuse learning problems Call us at 1-800 HELP 4-YU or e-mail us at

87. Cerimonia Dedicata Alla Chiesa Di Scientology Fondatrice Da David Miscavige
Discorso dell'inaugurazione di David Miscavige, Presidente del consiglio d'amministrazion del Religious Technology Center.
Fai click qui per avere solo il testo di questo sito.
Deutsch Mr. David Miscavige
del Religious Technology Center
La storia di Dianetics e Scientology

a Washington, DC.

(In inglese) Benvenuti alla nostra Chiesa
(In inglese) Riferimenti di Scientology La mia filosofia Le mete di Scientology Il credo della Chiesa di Scientology Fai un tour in 3D nella ...
di Washington, D.C.
Per download QuickTime VR player,
click qui
Per un diretto QuickTime VR tour, click qui
per hi-res/high bandWIDTH versione qui per low-res/low bandWIDTH versione. Glossario dei termini di Scientology Successivo Sondaggio su questo sito di Scientology ... Prima Pagina Ulteriori Informazioni David Miscavige David Miscavige Presidente del Consiglio di Amministarzione del Religious Technology Center David Miscavige Presidente del Consiglio di Amministrazione, del Religious Technology Center Discorso di apertura In onore del Compleanno di L. Ron Hubbard Per informazioni sui marchi d impresa

88. InfoAnarchy || DMCA Used To Remove Scientology Critics From Google
Google accused of censorship for removing links to a site critical of scientology from the search engine and its directory. Raises the question of how many other sites may be missing. InfoAnarchy
Main menu submit story wiki create account search ...
: #infoAnarchy @ action mailing list and improve the related wiki pages DMCA Used To Remove Scientology Critics From Google By atandt , Section Articles
Posted on Thu Mar 21st, 2002 at 08:25:37 AM GMT The search engine Google is censoring the Internet's leading critic of the Church of Scientology, Operation Clambake . The site has been completely removed from the search engine and from the Google Directory, which uses data from the Open Directory Project, DMOZ. In late February and early March, a number of prominent weblogs and other websites took action to correct the under-representation of anti-Scientology websites in Google. Linking to Operation Clambake using the anchor word "Scientology", the websites raised Clambake's search result ranking from 18th to 4th or 5th. Google frowns upon this practice, known as Google Bombing, because it distorts the results of searches. Full story at Daily Rotten [editor's note, by erik] ("Operation Clambake") is one of the most informative sites about the cult "Scientology" (founded by sci-fi author Ron Hubbard, it centers around the idea that aliens use hydrogen bombs to destroy our souls, or something). Google has sent the webmaster of the following email Pursuant to sections 512(g)(2) and (3) of the DMCA, you have the ability to submit a counter notification, in which event we can reinstate the material. As stated in section 512(g)(3), the contents of this notification must include the following:

89. Examining The Church Of Scientology - Research Resources, News, And News Archive
Research resources on religious cults, sects, and alternative religions Churchof scientology. The Church of scientology. This page Table of Contents.
Church of Scientology
Research resources, News, and News Archive
An Apologetics Index research resource
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New Age Beliefs
The Church of Scientology
This page: Table of Contents
Note: This page/site is not affiliated with any Scientology entity. Back to A-Z Index About The Color Key About this page The Church of Scientology is a commercial enterprise that masquerades as a religion, and that increasingly acts like a hate group . Scientology has a long history of hate and harassment activities, which - along with lying and deception - are condoned and encouraged in the cult's own ''scriptures.'' (See, for example, its '' dead agenting '' and '' fair game '' policies). This is why Apologetics Index classifies the organization as a hate group ...more... Table of Contents

90. Is Scientology A Religion? / The Religious Status Of Scientology
An analysis of the religious nature of scientology by Dr.Gary D. Bouma, sociologist of religion.
Introduction You can find many critics views of the Scientology religion on the
Internet if you search the word Scientology, Church of Scientology or
Scientologists. Some show opposing views, some show opinions, some are
positive and some are negative. This is a short one I found while doing
research for my religious studies class that is simple and interesting
from a man who has lived all over the world. Dr. Gary D. Bouma wrote this in October 1979 when he was faculty
at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, Monash University,
Clayton, Victoria, Australia. He has attended the following universities: B.A. Calvin College
(Greek and Philosophy) B.D. Princeton Theological Seminary (Church and Society) M.A. Cornell University (Sociology) Ph.D. Cornell University (Sociology of Religion).

91. Scientology Media Information/Church Of Scientology Press Releases
Church of scientology media relations site providing press releases, biographical information and Category Society Religion and Spirituality News and Media......Church of scientology, latest news, press releases and media resources. WELCOMETO THE MEDIA INFORMATION WEBSITE OF THE CHURCH OF scientology INTERNATIONAL.
Scientology Press Office
What's New?
Scientology Religion: An Overview

  • Creed of the Church of Scientology
  • The Religion of Scientology, A Description
  • The Scientology Religion Today
  • Church of Scientology International ...
    L. Ron Hubbard

    Statistical Growth

  • Demographic and Statistical Facts
  • Contents
  • Message from the President
  • Basic Facts ... News Archives Further Information on Scientology Scientology (Italiano) Scientology (Deutsch) Scientologie (Français) Cienciología (Español) Church of Scientology International-Rev. Heber C. Jentzsch
    A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Church of Scientology International Rev. Heber C. Jentzsch
    Scientology is in the news. Stories about the Church and its members appear in newspapers, magazines and on radio and television around the world, today more than ever. It is important, then, for media to have the most up-to-date and accurate information available on the Scientology religion. To make this readily available, this website is provided as a source for information about the Church and the religion. Scientology is the only major new religion to emerge in the 20th century. Since its founding in 1954, it has grown to span the globe. Today there are more than 3,000 churches, missions, related organizations and groups and millions of Scientologists in 154 countries.
  • 92. Scientology/Church Of Scientology/Dianetics
    scientology introductory courses and activities, basic information on Churchof scientology and Dianetics. How Do I Learn About scientology?
    Italiano Deutsch Global Locator More Info Personality Test E-mail
    How Do I Learn About Scientology?
    The best way to learn about Scientology principles is to put it to use!
    Read Scientology books
    Mr. Hubbard recorded his breakthroughs in Scientology and Dianetics books , essays and recorded lectures When you read a Scientology book, such as Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought , look at your own life and see if what you have read applies to it. See if you can use the information. Try it out. Listen to recordings of lectures by L. Ron Hubbard online dealing with Scientology or Dianetics principles.
    Attend Scientology Sunday Service
    Scientology Sunday service, offered at all Scientology churches is a unique, lively, interactive experience, where you will gain practical knowledge of Scientology principles you can apply to life immediately. Scientology church staff are there to answer your questions, help you work out what Scientology service is best for you, and get you started on your way to greater self confidence, happiness and awareness.
    What is Scientology?

    93. Szcientológia Egyház Budapest
    1073 Budapest
    Tel: 361-321-5290
    Fax: 361-321-5295
    Web Site: A helyi térkép megjelenítéséhez kattintson ide
    Hétfotol péntekig 9 és 22, szombaton és vasárnap 9 és 18 óra között állunk rendelkezésére Üdvözöljük a Budapesti Szcientológia Egyházban
    L. Ron Hubbard AHOGY A KÖZEL-KELETI VÁLSÁG ELMÉLYÜL, és a terrorizmus elleni háború, valamint különbözõ botrányok uralják a híreket; ahogy az újságok és a televízió a legfrissebb, veszteségrõl, kudarcról, halálról és rombolásról szóló rossz hírekkel bombáz, esetleg azt gondolhatod: ez egyre csak rosszabb és rosszabb lesz. Meg tudjuk vajon menteni az emberi fajt önmagától? Lehet, hogy ezután eltûnõdsz: mit tehetek én ezzel kapcsolatban? Mit tehet bárki is ezzel kapcsolatban? Nos, lehet, hogy megkönnyebülést okoz neked az, ha tudod, hogy LEHET Amikor Bostonban Lorraine Baritzot a kórházba hívták a barátai, akiknek 13 éves fia négy napja volt kómában és lélegeztetõgépen egy súlyos motorbaleset után, pontosan tudta, mit kell tennie, hogy segítsen. Az orvosok minden tõlük telhetõt megtettek; az aggódó szülõk már csak várhattak, hogy vajon felébred-e egyáltalán a fiuk.

    94. Google Pulls Anti-Scientology Links | CNET
    "Google was accused Wednesday of effectively removing from the Internet a Web site that is critical Category Society Issues Google Erasure of Anti-scientology Links......Google pulls antiscientology links By Matt Loney and Evan Hansen Staff Writer March21, 2002, 1135 AM PT Google was accused Wednesday of effectively removing
    CNET tech sites: Price comparisons Product reviews Tech news Downloads ... Site map Google pulls anti-Scientology links
    By Matt Loney and Evan Hansen
    Staff Writer
    March 21, 2002, 11:35 AM PT
    Google was accused Wednesday of effectively removing from the Internet a Web site that is critical of the Church of Scientology after it deleted links to some of the site's pages from its search engine. , said in a Usenet posting that the complaint demanded that Google take down a large number of references to different parts of "The complaint mentions a ridiculous list of addresses, which successfully removes the whole site from their engine," he said.
    Digital rights advocates said the Church of Scientology's takedown request is noteworthy because it underscores potential conflicts between the DMCA and free speech. A representative for the Church of Scientology could not be immediately reached for comment. The right to link has been the subject of several high-profile lawsuits, including a dispute between hacker publication and the motion picture industry over code known as DeCSS that can theoretically be used to crack DVDs. In that case, a federal judge in New York held that links to the DeCSS code violated the anti-circumvention clause of the DMCA, which bars trafficking in software that can be used to defeat copy protection. That decision was

    95. Scientology
    Raccolta di articoli italiani ed esteri su scientology per illustrarne gli aspetti meno chiari e controversi.
  • - Un viaggio nel mondo delle Religioni, Sette, Culti e Movimenti - di ALFONSO COPPOLA. Il Notiziario - 16 marzo 1999. DENTRO LA CHIESA DI SCIENTOLOGY - Traduzione dell'inchiesta in cinque puntate pubblicata tra il 1 e il 5 marzo 1998 dal Boston Herald . Vincitrice del Premio per il Reportage Investigativo 1998 assegnato dalla New England Press Association
  • L'inchiesta analizza diversi aspetti della Chiesa di Scientology, in particolare i cosiddetti "gruppi di facciata", cioè quelle organizzazioni parallele che entrano in scuole e istituzioni, ottengono finanziamenti pubblici non dichiarando i legami con l'organizzazione fondata da L. Ron Hubbard. Narconon, Delphi Academy, Crociata Mondiale per l'Alfabetizzazione, FASE e altre.
  • CHARLOTTE KATES: LA MIA STORIA IN SCIENTOLOGY - Come una ragazzina di 17 anni ne è rimasta affascinata, fino al punto di lasciare la scuola, entrare nella Sea Org e interrompere la terapia per il disturbo alla tiroide di cui soffre. Charlotte si ritrova a manifestare per giorni interi contro la Commissione di Inchiesta inviata a Washington dal governo federale tedesco, è parte attiva nella promozione del programma "Meet Scientologists online" e alla fine, grazie a Internet, se ne va. Da quando ha deciso di abbandonare la Chiesa di Scientology è stata fatta bersaglio delle molestie per cui l'organizzazione è nota. I suoi ex amici non esitano a tenere "manifestazioni" davanti alla casa in cui vive, definendola "fanatica", "fomentatrice di odio" e "intollerante".
    • Prendi tutta la storia di Charlotte in
  • 96. Net Archive Silences Scientology Critic | CNET
    The Internet Archive, buckling under pressure from the Church of scientology, removed all links to Category Society Religion and Spirituality News and Media...... Net archive silences scientology critic By Lisa M. Bowman Staff Writer, CNET News.comSeptember 24, 2002, 105 PM PT Buckling under pressure from the Church of
    CNET tech sites: Price comparisons Product reviews Tech news Downloads ... Site map Net archive silences Scientology critic
    By Lisa M. Bowman
    Staff Writer, CNET
    September 24, 2002, 1:05 PM PT
    Buckling under pressure from the Church of Scientology, the Internet Archive has removed a church critic's Web site from its system. The Internet Archive , a site that preserves snapshots of old Web pages and bills itself as "a library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form," no longer contains links to archival pages of . Instead, surfers are pointed to a page telling them the site was taken down "per the request of the site owner." However, operator Andreas Heldal-Lund said he never made any such request. Heldal-Lund, a Norwegian businessman and longtime church critic, said he's eager for people to read archived pages of his site.
    "I'm the author, and I never asked that it be removed," he said. "I believe what's happening in this case is important history."

    Den 21. marts kunne scientologybev¦gelsen notere sig en virtuel sejr af format. For f¸rste gang lykkedes det den magtfulde kirke at f¥ en s¸gemaskine, og i dette tilf¦lde nok verdens st¸rste - nemlig Google - til at fjerne et scientology-kritisk link fra deres s¸gemaskine.
    Forside Nyheder Tema Religionspanelet ... Få som startside
    i Hele linksamlingen Nyhedsartikler/debat Links i: Kristendom i Danmark Kristendom i Udlandet Islam Religioner i Danmark Religioner i Udlandet Mission og U-land Nyreligiøsitet Studier og Forskning Nyheder og Medier Hellige skrifter Øvrige Lyd og Billede Etik og filosofi Påske
    evangelierne og markus markus kors ... korstegn Her er du:
    Lagt på d. 27. marts 2002, kl. 09:42 Google og de Scientology-kritiske links Den 21. marts kunne Scientology-bevægelsen notere sig en virtuel sejr af format. For første gang lykkedes det den magtfulde "kirke" at få en søgemaskine, og i dette tilfælde nok verdens største - nemlig Google - til at fjerne et Scientology-kritisk link fra deres søgemaskine Henrik Bergqvist Udskriv Tip en ven Relaterede links Yahoos liste over anti-Scientology-link
    Yderligere information om og Operation Clambakes grundlægger Andreas Heldal-Lund
    Læs mere om sagen hos
    Time-line fra indeholdende alle relevante dokumenter og skrivelser om sagen
    Scientology-kirken internationalt
    Scientology-kirken i Danmark

    98. Scientology Comparative Religion Page
    Examines the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard and refutes his claim that scientology is compatible with Category Society Religion and Spirituality Examining Other Beliefs......$/Christian/
    Click here for frames-free version.

    99. Scientology/Human Rights Watch Germany 2003: Religious Freedom
    Church of scientology International Germany Human Rights Watch Createreligious freedom and eradicate intolerance in Germany.
    Press Statements Publications Archives Official Documents ...
    Shocking discrimination in Germany

    Latest News
    Church of Scientology International (CSI) , the Mother Church of the Scientology religion, granting CSI full tax exemption on license payments it receives from nine Churches of Scientology in Germany. The decision by the Federal Finance Office (Bundesamt Fuer Finanzen) means that for the first time the Los Angeles-based mother church of Scientology is officially recognized as tax-exempt in Germany.
    Scientology Missions International (SMI) and the International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors (IHELP) qualify for exemption under a 1989 income tax treaty between the United States and Germany. SMI is the mother church for all Scientology missions, which are smaller and minister fewer services than churches of Scientology. IHELP provides Scientology ministers outside organized churches with the ecclesiastical guidance they need. Both organizations have their headquarters in Los Angeles.
    Following the ruling in October, the Federal Finance Office informed Scientology representatives that the German government would not appeal and that the decision clearly applied to CSI as well.

    100. Film Threat - Reviews
    L. Rod Rez reviews and rates this introduction to scientology.

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