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         Wing Chun:     more books (100)
  1. Advanced Wing Chun Kung Fu by Wah Dunn, 1988
  2. Wing Chun: Advanced Training and Applications by William Cheung, 2007-04-01
  3. Wing Chun Kung-fu Volume 2: Fighting & Grappling (Chinese Martial Arts Library) by Joseph Wayne Smith Dr., 1992-10-15
  4. Siu Nim Tau = Little-Idea (The First Wing Tsun/Wing Chun Kung Fu Set) by Leung Ting, 2002-01
  5. Secret Techniques of Wing Chun Kung Fu: Third Level -- Bil Jee by K. T. Chao, John Weakland, 1997-08
  6. Beginning Wing Chun: Why Wing Chun Works by Alan Gibson, 2006-11-06
  7. Wing Chun:Kung-Fu by J. Yimm Lee, 1975
  8. advanced Wing Chun by William and Lee, Mike Cheung, 1990
  9. Sil Lim Tao, the Beginning: The Ultimate Wing Chun by Paul O'Neal, 1999-05-31
  10. Street Fighting Applications of Wing Chun: Volume 2: No-Rules Rumble
  11. Mysterious Origins of Wing Chun by Curt James, 1997
  12. Wing Chun Practitioners From Hong Kong: Wong Shun Leung
  13. Close Range Combat Wing Chun: Volume 2, Explosive Self Defense Techniques by Randy Williams, 2002-09
  14. Explosive Combat Wing Chun: Wing Chun (Vol 1) by Alan Lamb, 2002-04

81. Untitled Document
Escuela de KungFu que practica wing chun, Kali Arnis, Boxeo Chino, Jeet Kune Do, Tai Chi Chuan, y Chi Kung.

82. Wing Chun - Kung Fu
Scuola di Nino Bernardo e Franco Regalzi. Comprende sezioni dedicate alla tecnica, alla storia e molti link a siti simili.
ultimo aggiornamento: 25 novembre 2002 document.write(''); sito ottimizzato per internet explorer 5.0 e risoluzione 800 X 600
powered by Azanor Che scriviate wing tsun, wing chun, ving tsun non cambia le cose, le scuole sono diverse ma lo stile di kung fu è sempre lo stesso. Questo corso segue la scuola che parte da Yip Man, prosegue con Wong Shun Leung, Nino Bernardo e Franco Regalzi. Chiunque siano i vostri maestri di arti marziali, buon allenamento!

83. Benvenuti - Welcome
L'istruttore Maurizio Renzi insegna uno stile proprio derivato principalmente dal wing chun. Informazioni, foto delle tecniche, contatti e link di interesse. Presenti anche news e indirizzi delle palestre.
Welcome the official Web site
Benvenuti nel sito ufficiale
English Version Questo il numero dei visitatori

84. Wing Chun Martial Arts Schools Clubs- Kung Fu Clubs,Schools,
Information on Master WaiPo Tang. Includes school syllabus, instructor profiles, training methodologies, Category Sports Martial Arts Europe United Kingdom......wing chun Master Wai Po Tang's world of clubs and schools in UK,England,London, Sutton,Wimbledon, Crawley, Croydon, Addington Village, Surrey, Sussex, Sweden.

85. Advanced Fighting Systems Wing Chun Kung Fu Organisation. We Are Europes Fastest
Advanced Fighting Systems wing chun Kung fu organisation. We are Europesfastest growing wing chun kung fu club.We provide worldclass
Advanced Fighting Systems Wing Chun Kung fu organisation. We are Europes fastest growing wing chun kung fu club.We provide worldclass wing chun training with grandmasters and supply all wing chun equipment-wooden dummy's-butterfly knives-leather wall bag's-wing chun books and video's-eight foot poles.The Roots,‘Advanced fighting systems’ is the name given to the wing Chun kung fu organization founded and run by Master Paul O’Neal. Master O’Neal has been training in wing Chun for over sixteen years and has been involved in constantly honing his keen fighting abilities on a daily basis. More recently he has been applying his knowledge of teaching and has been running a successful clubs in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Darlington and Leeds in order to pass the art on to others. His depth of knowledge in wing Chun and his expertise in the art itself, is unquestionable.The Inspiration,the inspiration behind A.F.S. Came from Grandmaster Yip Ching, who on a recent tour of the U.K. Remarked how it was now time for Master O’Neal to begin teaching. It was said that Master O’Neal should pass on his sophisticated grasp of Wing Chun to others so that the art may never die. Master O’Neal welcomed the endorsement, and has since been acting on the advice of his most esteemed sigung.The techniques and practical applications of Wing Chun that A.F.S teaches are those shown to Master O’Neal from the aforementioned fountains of wisdom going back to Yip Man. They are not an individuals interpretation of Wing Chun, as can be seen by the considerable influence of the two Grandmasters, but the result of various peoples teachings through the ages. In such a way, the Wing Chun of A.F.S. Follows the natural progression of Wing Chun thought and philosophy through Yip Ching and Yip Chun and onwards. The reality,For many years Master O’Neal has trained under the expert tuition of two of the finest wing Chun teachers on the face of the earth, Grandmaster Yip Ching and Grandmaster Yip Chun, whilst living in Hong Kong. He has been involved with the two Grandmasters in setting up new clubs H.K. Over the years and it can be seen his skills are equal to many of the modern day masters.He has studied its history, and has come to understand the philosophical roots through which the art has developed. As both Grandmasters are the sons of the late ‘Father’ of modern day Wing Chun, Yip Man, the lineage running through from some of the most revered martial artists of old leads directly to Master O’Neal. In this way the Wing Chun which he teaches and endorses can be seen to be of the purest form. Master O’Neal believes that the Wing Chun that he teaches is of the highest possible standard. He also believes that his is the most effective style of Wing Chun for total physical and mental well-being, as well as being the most devastating in a combat situation.No two teachers can teach a subject in identically the same way, just as no two sifus have identical Wing Chun skills. Due to a wide variety of reasons, it can be seen that Grandmaster Yip Chun generally teaches a softer form of Wing Chun in comparison to Grandmaster Yip Chings harder form. This should not be confused with the popular notion of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ styles of kung fu (Wing Chun can be seen as an amalgamation of both), but rather as a defensive (read ‘soft’) and attacking (read ‘hard’).Master O’Neal has been a dedicated student of both Grandmasters at different times : he began his journey under the tutelage of Grandmaster Yip Chun and then added to his knowledge under Grandmaster Yip Ching. This duality of Wing Chun style is at the heart of the ethos behind A.F.S, in that both styles have their merits and both can be applied depending upon the situation. Students are seen as individuals in the A.F.S. Training schedule, and are always involved in regular one to one tuition with Master O’Neal, in order that their progress can be closely monitored.

86. Académie Shaolin Kung Fu Academy
Pr©sentation de cette acad©mie dirig©e par le Sifu Hetu arts martiaux chinois selon un enseignement traditionnel authentique ; shaolin et wing chun kung fu, ta¯ chi, chi kung, armes. Laval.
Bienvenue Welcome s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer)

87. Wing Chun Kung Fu - Simplu, Direct, Eficient
Club de wing chun kung fu tradiţional.
Bine ati venit pe pagina oficiala a grupului de antrenament Yin She Bucuresti INTRA
Acest site a fost creat pentru iubitorii kung fu-ului traditional din Romania. Scopul este de a forma o baza de date din care doritorii sa poata extrage informatii despre diferitele curente, cluburi si evenimente din lumea wing chun-ului. Grafica acestui site este foarte simpla pentru ca scopul sau este informatia, nu designul, deci criticile pe aceasta tema nu vor avea nici un ecou.

88. Wing Chun - Hope For The Future
Features articles on wing chun principles, philosophy, history, training, and techniques.
alert("Thanks for the visit, and I hope you enjoy the site! - PAUL CHRISTEN")

89. Wing Chun - Chinese Internal Arts WCDKA UK @ Welcome
Chinese self-defence and active meditation. Direct Hong Kong lineage. Disciple of Grand Master Ip Category Sports Martial Arts Europe United Kingdom......wing chun Kuen UK WCDKA. This is the official site of the Premier UK wing chunKuen association. wing chun - Chinese Internal Arts WCDKA UK @ Welcome.
Wing Chun - Chinese Internal Arts WCDKA UK @ Welcome
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90. ThreeDragonKungFu
A Kung Fu Club located in Irvine, Ayrshire that teaches Lau Gar syllabus and also incorporates elements of wing chun Kung Fu and T'ai Chi Chuan. Includes history, photo gallery, and syllabus. This site is best viewed at a resolution of 800 x 600. Flash and Shockwave

91. Lo Man Kam Wing Chun World
The unofficial online resource for the Lo Man Kam wing chun Kung Fu lineage. Includes information Category Sports Martial Arts Kung Fu wing chun...... More details to come. Lo Man Kam wing chun World Up The Lo Man Kamwing chun World Site is up as of December 24, 2002. This site
Who is Lo Man Kam?
Sifu Lo Man Kam is the nephew of Grandmaster Yip Man. He started learning Wing Chun Kuen with his uncle in 1950, at the same time as illustrious students like Leung Sheung, Lok Yiu, Yip Bo Ching, and Jiu Wan. In 1960, he moved to Taiwan where he worked in military intelligence. Retiring in 1975, he established the first Wing Chun school in Taiwan, and has since taught over 2,000 students from over 34 countries and territories. Among his students include celebrities such as Taiwanese actress Brigitte (Ching-Hsia) Lin and Hong Kong pop singer Sammuel (Hsiao-Cheng) Tai; and royalty, including the Sultan of Brunei. Find out more HERE NEWS
updated February 18, 2003
Sifu Lo Man Kam to Visit Europe:
Sifu Lo will be visiting Hungary and Germany from April 23 to May 11, 2003. More details to come. Lo Man Kam Wing Chun World Up
The Lo Man Kam Wing Chun World Site is up as of December 24, 2002. This site contains all sorts of "unofficial" information that do not appear on the Official Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation Site
This site contains information about Wing Chun Master Lo Man Kam, as well as his lineage, approach to teaching, students, federation, and affiliated schools.

92. Classical Wing Chun Home Page
Information about Sifu Ian Protheroe, the Classical wing chun Systemand the Queensland wing chun Kung Fu Academy. CLASSICAL wing chun
Member: Ving Tsun Athletic Association H.K.
PO Box 3062 Norman Park
Queensland 4170 Australia Email:
Please email us your comments
If you have any queries please email us Visitors since 1st April 1998. This web site was designed by Duncan McCardle , in collaboration with Michael Sandell and Matthew Vanden Berg
and is

93. Page1
Teaching wing chun and Muay Thai. History, classes, events, gallery and links.
Last updated 3 January, 2003
to the
Website! Please feel free to view our website. It consists mainly of information about our club and about the arts we train in. You will also find links to other sites, our training times/ location and martial art events arising in the future in and around Scotland. If you have any enquiries, please don't hesitate to use the contact information given or alternatively leave your comments in our guestbook. Thanks!
Scottish Wing Chun and JKD Group Welcome

94. Singapore Wing Chun Kuen-index
Singapore wing chun KuenProvides informations and instructions onwing chun(Ving Tsun)Kung Fu System. Click To Enter Singapore
Click on image to Enter
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95. Index
Sign Guestbook View Guestbook, SINGAPORE wing chun KUEN TRAINING CENTRE 95BLavender Street. Home. wing chun Origins. About the Instructor. Lineage.
Sign Guestbook View Guestbook SINGAPORE
95B Lavender Street
Wing Chun Kuen classes are available on Mondays/Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays
Visit our Photo Page
Spring Magazine Article
Master Chua Kah Joo
A close-range method of combat  emphasising economy of movement,  directness of action, and lighting fast reaction, developed through the 'sticky hands' technique known as 'Chi Sau' Home Wing Chun Origins About the Instructor Lineage Training Syllabus ... Terminology
Master Chua Kah Joo counter set on 1 October 1999

96. Jeet Kune Do | JKD Concepts Of Tampa Bay
Instruction in JKD, Jun Fan gungfu, Filipino Martial arts, Muay Thai, wing chun and combat submission wrestling. Class schedule, maps, instructors and links. Tampa Bay, Florida
JKD Concepts of Tampa Bay offers instruction in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Jun Fan Gung Fu, Filipino Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Combat Submission Wrestling and many others. Sifu Luis Martinez has been honored as part of the Inosanto International Instructor's Association under Guru Dan and Simo Paula Inosanto to help continue the evolution of the Jun Fan (Bruce Lee's) method of fighting and many other arts.
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97. Welcome: Jeet Kune Do - Dynamic Combat - Wing Chun - Kung Fu
A source for information about the Chinese Martial Arts. Lists features, library, web directory, Category Sports Martial Arts Kung Fu......AMERICA AT WAR Terrorism Will Not Stand Our thoughts and prayers are with the familiesof the victims of the vicious attacks on America, and with the men and
Terrorism Will Not Stand

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims of the vicious attacks on America, and with the men and women who now take up the task of defending America and the world from the evil of global terrorism. ARE YOU PREPARED?
Investigators found martial arts manuals in the personal belongings of the hijackers, and at least one of the terrorists trained intently at a martial arts school in Florida. They were prepared for unarmed, hand-to-hand combat. What's the focus of your training? KUNG FU ONLINE IS CHANGING
Kung Fu Online
has seen a number of changes over the last few years, and is now poised to make the most radical change of all. To better promote the full spectrum of the Chinese Martial Arts, Kung Fu Online is joining forces with Kung Fu Magazine , who will now be hosting the majority of KFO features and services. At the same time, the KFO server will be outfitted to launch a new site devoted to HARDCORE Kung Fu Training More information...
Kung Fu Online is changing. Thanks for all your support!

Instructor profiles, class information, and photo gallery included.Category Regional North America Recreation and Sports...... Ip Man Family wing chun Kung Fu Emergency Responder Workshops. EZProtectCivilian SelfProtection Workshops. Click Photos for Links.

99. Kung Fu Academy
wing chun, Chin Na, and Kuai Jiao taught in a Christian Atmosphere. A member of the Traditional Kung Fu Association. Old Fort, NC
Welcome to the Kung Fu Academy Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu

100. Welcome To Knox Wing Chun
wing chun kung fu history, training, downloads.Category Sports Martial Arts Kung Fu wing chun......Interactive games and lessons on wing chun.Animations, videos, games, downloads.

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